Watch This Congressional Fellow Yelling Fast And Furiously About The Rule of Law And Whatnot


What is Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) yelling about today? And if that name seems familiar, it is because he was in the news about a year ago for comparing same sex marriage to incest and on Fox "News" a few days ago referring to Nancy Pelosi as "mind numbingly stupid." And then a few days after that, he opined that Nancy Pelosi should "see a mental health professional." Today, however, he has had a rough go of it since the Supreme Court took away his Freedom so he is really letting it all hang out (and the NRO was kind enough to post the video in its entirety because of Journalism.) You see, he just wants the TRUTH about Fast and Furious, is that so much to ask? Just the truth about how some agent got killed (even though as it turns out it maybe wasn't quite so nefarious?) and the truth about why this is all HAPPENING, is that so much to ask?? IS IT??

Rep. Gowdy starts out by yelling about TRUTH and the LAW and JUSTICE and then veers into a tirade about what it's like to sit down with the parent of a murdered child, and how if those parents deserve the truth about what happened to their child then for some reason HE deserves the truth about what happened in a bunch of emails. Not the emails that Fortune Magazine reported on, OTHER emails that apparently may not even exist! But it doesn't matter because HE CAN HANDLE THE  TRUTH! Even if it contains FACTS, which most Republicans are generally not fond of, so that is commendable.



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