Watch Tom Barrett Tell Scott Walker He Is a Miserable Weiner (VIDEO)


Here is Democratic candidate for Wisconsin governor Tom Barrett telling off hated weasel face and current Republican governor Scott Walker in last night's second and final debate before the recall election on June 5. Tom Barrett is of course wasting his breath when he reminds the public that Walker is an amoral tub of turd frosting who exists solely to punish his political enemies rather than to say, govern. But your Wonkette mentions the debate by way of noting who was not there in Wisconsin, at that time or any other time, as this recall campaign has gone on: Barack Obama. No, he's just hanging out next door in Minnesota, a state that many coastal residents cannot even distinguish from Wisconsin, to fundraise. Might he have had the courtesy to fundraise on the other side of the country, so he at least didn't look like he was specifically avoiding Wisconsin?

Tom Barrett is still trailing Walker in the polls and is being massively outspent. Barack Obama presumably does not want to be associated with the losing team, which is mysterious because that is exactly what is going to happen anyway if Walker wins. Why not just support Barrett himself instead of shipping Bill Clinton over to fart around?

Obama is being too hipster about this. And here is what we don't want to happen: We don't want to be laughing at the Democrats' complaints about all those excited 2008 young voters who become too hipster this fall. We love a delicious bit of irony, but not that much. [Greg Sargent]


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