We Are Sure Georgia Has A Very Good Reason For Not Letting All Those Black People Vote

Nothing like a little week-before-the-election chaos.

In Georgia, where activists say that some 40,000 newly registered voters' names do not yet appear on the state's database, a judge denied a petition Tuesday requesting that the secretary of state take immediate action to process those missing voters. Judge Christopher Brasher of the Fulton County Superior Court ruled against a claim by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights, which said that tens of thousands of properly submitted registrations had not been processed. Brasher's reasoning appears to be that there simply aren't any missing voters, because Georgia's attorney general says that the state and counties have processed all the applications they received. Why should the state go out of its way for applications that it's quite certain don't exist anyway? Those tens of thousands of Georgians who say they submitted their paperwork but haven't received registration cards are probably just attention-seekers, we bet. Here are some, seeking attention right now:

Dr. Francys Johnson, President of the Georgia NAACP, who represented the 40 thousand voters in the court, called the ruling “outrageous.”

“All in all – a republican appointed judge has backed the republican Secretary of State to deny the right to vote to a largely African American and Latino population,” Johnson wrote in a press release.

On Monday, dozens of Georgians occupied the Secretary of State’s office to demand he meet with them and explain what happened to the tens of thousands of missing registrations.

Marsha Burrofsky, a volunteer who registered voters for the New Georgia Project, said that she'd encountered quite a few people who told her, "You know, I registered six months ago, but I haven’t gotten anything yet!"

So we sat down with our list of registrations and checked, and about 20 to 20 percent were not showing up. We truly don’t know where things stand with them.”

Burrofsky said the people she registered in Dunwoody, Georgia, a more affluent and conservative community, did show up in the system, while those in more diverse and low-income communities in DeKalb County mysteriously disappeared.

“It just hadn’t occurred to me that this would be a tactic that the Secretary of State could use. I was very naïve, I guess. I feel absolutely sick that this election is being stolen,” she said.

Silly civil rights attorney lady, don't you know anything? Vote fraud happens when Latino men bring sealed early-voting ballots to an elections office, not when a Republican secretary of state conveniently "loses" a few tens of thousands of registrations that you say you turned in. Besides, do you have your receipts for every one of those applications? Maybe some of those people sent them to the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes, did you ever think of that? How do we even know this "Georgia" place exists? We've never been there. Also, what about the Ebola? And the ISIS?

The New Georgia Project said that it will “continue to pursue all legal avenues available,” although the election is, as we may have mentioned, less than a week away. Maybe we don't need photo ID when we vote. Maybe we need to take photographs of our voter registration forms before submitting them to the state or county.

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