And a good morning to you! Yes, we are aware that Debbie Lesko beat Hiral Tipernini by 5 points in Arizona's special election to fill out Trent Franks's seat. Congratulations and all, we guess.

But holy shit, look at that swing! In 2016, Democrats didn't even bother to field a challenge to Trent Franks, who beat the Green candidate by 37 points. After Franks got caught trying to convince staffers to join his homebrew surrogacy club, he's gone home to try and impregnate his wife the old-fashioned way. Which left an open seat in a district that Trump won by 21 points. Republicans pick a well-known state senator, dump a million dollars into the race, her opponent is an unknown woman of color, AND THEY ONLY WIN BY FIVE POINTS?

They are so fucked!

Let's look at some pictures. Here's the relative spending on candidates.

Graphic via NYTimes

Hey, maybe if we dump a few dollars into the November rematch, we can kick Lesko to the curb! Especially if her possible campaign finance violations become a problem.

Want a visual representation of how far each district swung left?

You know who's got a spring in her step this morning? Kyrsten Sinema, the Democratic candidate to replace spineless weasel Jeff Flake.

Graphic via ABC.

Want to take back the Senate? This is how we do it! As for the House, yeah, it's gerrymandered to shit. (And we still can't get over that Wyoming gets a senator for every escalator.) But we can still do this!

And that swing has been happening across the country.

Image via FiveThirtyEight

Last night, Long Island Democrat Steve Stern flipped a seat in the New York state Assembly that Republicans have held for 40 years! THIS IS HAPPENING.

And you know how we've been yammering at you for months about vote wasting, cracking and packing, and the efficiency gap? Yes, we know you never read those articles. And we're not mad about it, whatever, IT'S FINE. The point is, GOP legislatures have drawn the maps to spread Republicans over the maximum number of districts with a 5-8% margin, while forcing supermajorities of Democrats into a few, small districts. And in a wave year, that 5-8% margin just won't cut it. Which is why Paul Ryan noped out of another run -- even if he beat Randy Bryce, he'd still face the very real possibility of having to turn his gavel over to Nancy Pelosi!

Don't believe us? ASK A PROFESSIONAL NERD!

So vote! Donate! Get your ass out there and knock on doors! November is coming, and WE CAN DO THIS!

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Liz Dye

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