We Humbly Apologize For Mocking Clay Aiken's Congressional Run Because His Campaign Announcement Is Really Great


We've been laughing along with everyone else at the idea of Clay Aiken running for Congress, and shared the sentiment of his opponent, Tea Party Congresscritter Renee Ellmers, who pointed and laughed and said Aiken couldn't even win "American Idol." We have to eat some words because his campaign announcement is kinda the real deal.

Let's get this important caveat out of the way: we would support a garden implement or a steering wheel or a used Kleenex in a run against Ellmers, because she is the lady that helped shut down the government but then snottily pointed out that she needed her paycheck unlike all those dumb federal employees, and she was also the gun nut whose AR-15 got stoled when her hubby left it unsecured post-target shooting, like you do.



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