We Need To Talk More About The Private Server Where Trump Hides His Traitor Secrets

Let's spend some more time on the other great revelation from the whistleblower complaint released on Thursday. Obviously the huge in-your-face thing is that Donald Trump and his henchmen have been trying to extort Ukraine into ginning up fake investigations into Joe Biden and the made-up Ukrainian role in meddling in the 2016 American election, a conspiracy theory that House Intel Committee Chair Adam Schiff stated unequivocally on "The Rachel Maddow Show" on Thursday night comes right out of the bowels of the Kremlin. (You think this isn't part of the Russia scandal? This is part of the Russia scandal.)

But the whistleblower complaint also revealed some important stuff about the cover-up aspect of Trump's extortion campaign against Ukraine. What's clear is that after that infamous July 25 phone call, witnesses 100 percent knew something very bad had just happened, something that if it got out ... well, it might be the thing that sends impeachment into overdrive, which is precisely what is happening now. So various officials in the White House set out to hide what had transpired.

"Multiple US officials" told the whistleblower that "senior White House officials had intervened to 'lock down' all records of the phone call, especially the official word-for-word transcript of the call that was produced [...] by the White House Situation Room." This told the whistleblower that the whole entire West Wing that knew about the call was EATED UP with consciousness of guilt.

So, according to White House officials, WHITE HOUSE LAWYERS told them to first take all records of the call off the normal place where they keep those records, and then PLACE THEM ON A TOP SECRET NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL (NSC) SERVER.

They put the records on a server that's only for the most classified secret stuff, like whatever covert wars the CIA is currently running (LOL!).

"One White House official described this act as an abuse of this electronic system because the call did not contain anything remotely sensitive from a national security perspective."

And the big reveal came in the classified appendix to the complaint, which revealed that according to White House officials, this was "not the first time" the Trump administration had stuffed the dipshit's conversations with foreign leaders/KGB handlers on the secret private server.

We repeat: This was NOT THE FIRST TIME the Trump administration did this.

Immediately we have so many questions, so many things for Congress to investigate (and yes, Adam Schiff said last night on the Maddow program that this is absolutely in their purview to investigate):

1. WHAT?!

2. But this isn't fucking classified information! (Sorry, not a question, we guess some of these are going to be exclamations.)

3. Really? A secret server? If we feel an earthquake today, should we first check to see if the epicenter is Chappaqua, New York, and Hillary Clinton fell on the floor laughing SO HARD she literally made the earth shake? Also, is she OK?

4. Who the fuck had access to this server? Who the fuck did this for Donald Trump? He does not know how to use "computer." He did not do this himself. Who's covering up Donald Trump's traitor behavior?

5. And which "White House lawyers" ordered this?

6. Oh yeah, and what the fuck else is on that server, if this isn't "the first time" Trump has had records of his horrifying foreign agent anti-American chit-chats stuffed on the secret server meant only for the highest codeword-level intelligence? Talks with Vladimir Putin? The Saudis? Kim Jong Un? Erdogan? WHO ELSE? (By the way, the Kremlin has weighed in to say Trump better not publish any transcripts of his Putin calls like he did with his Ukraine call, you hear that, Donald?)

For a couple of these questions, we already can start to find some answers. The White House told CNN that National Security Council (NSC) lawyers ordered it. True? Dunno, they're liars. Maybe it was NSC lawyers, maybe Pat Cipollone's shop was involved, maybe that's kind of the same thing. Regardless, it needs to be investigated. (Also, we need to know if previous White House counsels were involved, like Emmet Flood and OH HEY, DON MCGAHN, YOU THINK CONGRESS HAS FORGOTTEN ABOUT YOU?)

It should be noted that Deputy White House Counsel John Eisenberg, who it seems was the first at the White House to hear about possible whistleblowers freaking out about Trump's Ukraine call, is actually more precisely the deputy counsel to the president for national security affairs, which means he's part of the NSC. Of course, Cipollone, as lead White House counsel, is invited to NSC meetings and is basically part of the NSC. So really, these fuckers are all connected.

WHO DID IT? Who gave the order, and who hid the sausage? Because, you know, that shit wasn't classified, and this shit isn't legal. And oh GOD, what are they hiding for the Criminal-In-Chief?

This would be a good time to note that a healthy handful of White House lawyers went to prison after Watergate. We are just saying.

The Wall Street Journaldid some journalism on this secret server, and found that it is the real deal. Housed in the #Pizzagate basement, it was most recently used by Hillary Clinton to hide 33,000 secret yoga emails in Ukraine HAHAHAHAHAHAHA WE MAKE JOKE.

But yeah, it's the real shit.

It is the most tightly controlled of at least four different computer systems used by the National Security Council staff, they said, and contains the most precious of American secrets: U.S. covert actions in other countries and counterintelligence probes aimed at finding spies within. [...]

One is used for unclassified communications. A second, run by the Pentagon and known as SIPRNet, is for information up to the level of "secret." A third system is for even more sensitive data, designated TS/SCI, for "Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information."

Finally, there is the most sensitive system, managed by the NSC's Directorate of Intelligence Programs. It is, officials say, a "standalone" system disconnected from other networks, and the data it contains can be retrieved only by those who have "code word" access to individual programs.

And that's where Trump's Ukraine call was put, along with God knows what other Trump treason evidence.

The New York Timesadds more:

Accessing that special database requires enhanced desktop computer software not granted to all National Security Council officials. In extreme cases, agency aides must physically enter the offices of the intelligence directorate to read documents stored in the system.

Who had access? Who did it? And who in the White House is probably trying to destroy the evidence right now as we type this?

We are just asking questions. And we fuckin' need answers.

[Wall Street Journal / New York Times]

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