We're Starting To Think Trump Doesn't Actually Care If His Supporters Live Or Die Of COVID

We're Starting To Think Trump Doesn't Actually Care If His Supporters Live Or Die Of COVID
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White Republicans are the most likely demographic to be stubbornly refusing to get vaccinated, apparently willing to get sick and die or let their families get sick and die, if it means they, in their unvaccinated moron brains, can own the libs. It doesn't make sense. It's not supposed to. It's part of their showing allegiance to their cult, and their cult leader is Donald Trump.

It's confounding to some that Trump, who is vaccinated, won't just cut a video telling his people to get their damn rabies COVID shots. It shouldn't be. Conmen don't care about their marks.

But the Daily Beast is out with a report that confirms what many of us have suspected, namely that people close to Trump have been trying and trying and trying to get him to do something to get through to his followers, and he simply won't.

When asked why Trump hadn't done more on vaccines, Stephen Moore—who previously advised Trump on economic and coronavirus-related policy—said he didn't have a "good answer for that."

Moore, a former top Trump surrogate, said that after he published an op-ed in The Hilllate last month arguing that Trump should give a national primetime address with President Joe Biden urging his supporters and voters to get the shot, "especially because of the Delta variant," Moore made sure to send the article to the former president.

"I know from a friend who works with Trump that they gave it to him…[and that it] got to his desk," he added. "I think he would be well-advised to make a public statement and a speech [devoted to] really encouraging people to get vaccinated; I think it would influence people…It would be in his own political interest, as well as the nation's interest."

Trump's too busy that day ferociously shielding his fragile self esteem from having to acknowledge that he lost the 2020 election like a loser. No time for vaccine PSAs, sorry.

The Beast talked to four people close to Trump and his vaccinated spouse, and apparently they've been trying to reach them with all sorts of ideas. Do something with the Bidens! Don't do something with the Bidens! Do stuff with wingnut celebrities and praying-hands-grifter-televangelist people! Do vaccination booths at your superspreader super-Hitler rallies!

Send a fuckin' goddamn email! Whatever! Just do something!


According to the Beast, Trump has reasons for behaving this way, surprise they are stupid, amoral reasons because he is a stupid, amoral man:

According to two of the sources who have spoken to Trump about this, he has occasionally referenced polling and other indicators—such as what he's seen on TV—that show how the vaccines are unpopular with many of his supporters. This has left the impression with some of those close to Trump that he doesn't want to push too hard on the subject, so as to not "piss off his base," one of the two people said.

At other times in recent months, Trump has simply said he doesn't feel he needs to do any "favors" for Biden, given how much Biden is "destroying" the country—and that if Biden wants to ask him to do something, the sitting president is welcome to ask, the sources recounted.

Keeping his supporters from dying lonely awful deaths is a favor to Joe Biden, that's how broken Trump's brain is.

No grand conclusion here. As usual with Trump, the truth is exactly as gross as you expect, or worse.

[Daily Beast]

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