Actual Website Seeks 'Karens' To Review Dehumidifiers

Post-Racial America
Actual Website Seeks 'Karens' To Review Dehumidifiers

Do racist, entitled white ladies have some kind of insight into dehumidifiers that the rest of us lack? I could not tell you. It is, in fact, not a thing I have ever considered until this very moment. But that is what one is counting on, because they are looking to hire a "Karen" to review dehumidifiers, for $65 an hour.

In other news, there are dehumidifier criticism websites out there and they pay more than like, 90 percent of the writing gigs out there. Though to be fair, it is a rather specialized skill. I don't know that I have an hour's worth of dehumidifier opinions in me, and I have very frizzy hair. What can you say about a dehumidifier? That it's beautiful and brilliant? That it loves Mozart and Bach and the Beatles and me? Wait, no. That's not a dehumidifier, that is Ali MacGraw in the 1970 hit movie Love Story. Humidifiers, I've got nothing.

Here is the listing, titled Calling All Karens, from their website:

Do you think of yourself as a critic with impeccable taste, who is not afraid to express your feelings, opinions and judgements? [sic]

If you speak English fluently and write it well, have fantastic customer service skills (an awesome telephone voice is also desirable!) and enough room at home to test out some brilliant products, then you could be's resident 'Karen'.

We are recruiting a woman to write three (honest) reviews a week for our website, as well as be the voice and authority behind our Call-A-Karen service, which will see potential customers call for advice and recommendations on products.

The successful candidate will be paid $65 per hour – the role will be based remotely, with flexible hours and a company cell phone will also be provided.

PS. There's no requirement for your name to actually be Karen, you just need to be a Karen by nature!
If you're interested in applying, please fill in the following form by the 31st August – over 21's only, please!

Um. It seems like maybe these people are not totally clear on what a "Karen" is? Like, yes, complaining and a desire to speak to the manager are certainly part of it, but it's really less about having discerning taste — in dehumidifiers or anything else — than it is about being a very obnoxious and traditionally racist white lady. In fact, the Karens we've seen about town in viral videos seem to spend a whole lot more time calling the police on Black people for existing than they do speaking to managers. Also they don't really seem like people who would be super great at customer service. You know, because of how they are terrible.

This is not the first time someone has taken the Karen meme to a weird place. Just recently, a Texas restaurant had a Karen Appreciation Day for Karens who were not terrible. Saline County in Arkansas had a contest to find the best resident named Karen.

All of this overlooks the fact that no one is actually saying everyone named Karen is bad. That is not the point of that meme. It's not supposed to be about the feelings of ladies named Karen. And I get it, no one likes to have their name made fun of. I cannot watch Pinocchio or look at a thing of Binaca without feeling a little bitter. But it's very much less about making fun of people named Karen as it does with criticizing a particular kind of white woman who is, well, terrible.

There is just something a little "off" about turning a meme about entitled white ladies who treat people poorly and are traditionally rather racist into a cutesy "Hey! Bet you'd be super good at reviewing dehumidifiers!" ad. No one wants to Call-A-Karen, because the real Karens are already there, calling the cops.


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