Weiner's Weiner All Over Internet, While Weiner's Wife Is Pregnant


Sorry! Jim Newell actually took this picture and posted it here, a while back.Oh sorry for this late update to the tawdry spectacle of yet another man who can't keep it in his pants. Congressman Anthony Weiner's wife is pregnant, presumably with his spawn, and also a bunch of Internet websites are posting pictures of his dong (released from its boxer-brief prison). This is all very gross! Can you blame us for having dinner first?

Do you want to see a picture of a man's penis, on the Internet? Well then go anywhere on the Internet, and you can see that. It helps to say you're a girl, and that you want to have a "date." OH WAIT, you want to see Anthony Weiner's weiner? Well here's a blurry picture of someone holding an iPhone showing a picture of a man's naked penis. Double grossness: This is supposedly Andrew Breitbart holding an iPhone with a picture of Anthony Weiner's weiner.

Anything else? Yes, the gross congressman/former cable-news television star liberal apparently put that peen in his wife at least once, recently, when he wasn't taking pictures of it to put on Twitter. And now, Mrs. Weiner is pregnant, according to important international war newspaper the New York Times.

We've been trying to think of a "positive spin" for this story, and here it is: Anthony Weiner's grand ambition was to become mayor of New York City and then tear up the city's network of bike lanes. So, he can go fuck himself. NO WAIT there is another laff to be had: Andrew Breitbart is super upset that these radio DJs took a picture of his iPhone picture of Weiner's weiner, and then the DJs sent it all around the Twitter and the Greater Internet, depriving Breitbart of his opportunity to tease another week of news coverage out of his secret stash of cock shots on his iPhone. THE END.


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