Wendy Davis Opponent Greg Abbott Will So Give Women Money For Health Care, And Probably Shooooooes

Greg Abbott at the St. Joseph's Women's Medical Center/Photo by Teddy Schleifer, Houston Chronicle

Do you see anything missing in this Houston Chron picture of Greg Abbott, announcing how much he loves ladies' health? No? Us either. The Republican, running against Wendy Davis for Texas governor, wants voters to know abortion-loving Wendy Davis isn't the only candidate who cares about the ladies and their lady health whatever care. He is the REAL feminist, after all. In fact, as he previously told us, "there is nobody in the state of Texas who has done more to fight to help women than I have in the past decade." And we totally definitely absolutely (do not actually in any way) believe him!

That's why he announced on Wednesday an Exiting! New! Plan! to give money to women to screen their parts for cancer and and also depression and stuff. Too bad he couldn't actually find some Texas ladies to be there when he announced his plan, but still! Take that, Wendy, if that is your real name because we know that isn't your real hair color.

In a proposal unveiled in Houston at a women’s health center, Abbott suggested that $50 million should be added for additional women’s services, including treatment for postpartum depression.

Sounds like a terrific idea, Greg. And adding those millions of dollars will more than make up for the $35 million Texas decided it didn't need for -- what was it again? Oh right. Health care for low-income women, which Texas wouldn't even have to pay for its own self if it would agree to accept the federal government's Medicaid monies. And yet, huh, Abbott does not want those federal Medicaid monies because Obama sucks, and Obamacare sucks, and family planning is MURDER and Planned Parenthood is a terrorist organization among other things. (That's why Abbott was one of the state attorney generals who sued Obama, for sucking.)

Wendy Davis would happily accept those federal Obamacare dollars, even though she does not care about women like Abbott cares about women, obviously.

The left-leaning policy group Progress Texas criticized Abbott’s proposal because it does not include Medicaid expansion to cover impoverished adults, a tenet of federal health reform that Texas’ Republican leadership has staunchly opposed. Texas has the highest uninsured rate in the nation, with about one in every four people lacking health insurance in 2012, according to U.S. Census data. About 1 million Texans could qualify for Medicaid coverage if the state were to expand the program under current federal guidelines, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

But pfft and whatevs, because Real Feminist Abbott will give ladies some money for their postpartum depression, which is very thoughtful of him, considering he is also a staunch supporter of forcing ladies to have babies they don't want in the first place.

Yup, that sure sounds like a great way to help restore health care spending for Texas women that they never would have lost if Texas Republicans like Greg Abbott hadn't been all too happy to give it away in the first place.

Or maybe here's a better plan: Give some money to Wendy Davis so she can be governor and clean up the hot mess Greg Abbott helped make.

[Dallas News/Texas Tribune]


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