Westboro Baptist Church Knows Paris Attacks Happened Because God Hates Frogs

Common mistake!

Hip hooray, the Phelps family of Westboro Baptist Church has offered to lend a hand in the aftermath of the Paris attacks! So of course, they're doing Christ-like things like sending money and medical care and HAHA JUST FOOLIN'. Instead, they've been tweeting up a MIGHTY storm, putting a French twist on all their greatest hits. Do they say we should thank God for the Paris attacks? Ayup. Is this God's WONDERFUL punishment, because the French love the fags so much? Of course it is! Because they're so campy and theatrical, are they making up French songs with God Hates Fags lyrics and putting them on Vine? And are they willing to go to France and help out by picketing?

The fuck you say! But yeah, of course they are. Here, have a Vine:

Evan Hurst

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