What Did President Barry H. Bamz Obama Think Of The GOP Debate?

What Did President Barry H. Bamz Obama Think Of The GOP Debate?

He couldn't care less. He really couldn't.

Approximately 17 THOUSAND Republicans talked at each other on Thursday night for UNHOLY SOUR GOAT BALLS, SO MANY HOURS! about how when they are president, they are going to repeal President Obama and do abortions to ISIS and restore Jesus-humping to the Oval Office and blah blah blah who cares, none of them are actually going to be president. But oh did we laugh and laugh some more at them anyway.

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How's about the president? Did he laugh at them too? Or was he too busy Not Giving A Fuck because that is how he rolls these days, unless he decides to be president for life, which he could totally do if he wanted to?

Neither, it turns out:

The White House does not think very highly of Thursday night’s Republican presidential primary debate.

President Obama did not watch the debate, the first of nine sessions of the 2016 primary. Press secretary Josh Earnest did tune but, but said he fell asleep for part of it.

Can't say we blame him.

[The Hill]


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