What Ellen DeGeneres And Katy Perry Did For Pulse Shooting Survivor Will Make You Sob Happy Tears


Oh hi, it is Friday afternoon, and we have a nice story to tell you that will make you CRY, because we like to make you CRY. But this time it will be like "awwwwww that's so nice" tears, instead of when we make you cry with liberal rage at hilarious conservative t-shirts made by big dorks.

Tony Marrero is one of the people who was at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando the night a deranged man named Omar Mateen opened fire and murdered 49 people. Tony was shot 4 times in the back, but he survived because the bullets missed all his vital organs somehow. His close buddy Luis Vielma, a straight guy who called him that night because he wanted his gay friend with him at the gay club, was killed.

While Tony was in the hospital, he sent Ellen DeGeneres a message, and she received it. In fact, she was so touched she invited him to come on her show!

Also too, you should know that the Katy Perry song "Rise" really helped Tony make it through the loss of his friend, the tragedy he experienced, and his recovery. So on the show, Katy Perry surprised him! And she did a thing for him that was SO NICE AND TOUCHING that we cannot possibly #spoiler it for you by telling you it. Literally, we are not even telling you a fucking hint, because then you will be like "Oh, I figured it out, and now I do not have to watch the videos and CRY SO MUCH IN THE HAPPY WAY." No way, slackers.

Here is the interview, where Tony and Ellen talk about what happened that night, Tony's friendship with Luis, with whom he worked at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and stuff like that:

And here is the part where they talk about Katy Perry, and OMG SUDDENLY KATY PERRY IS THERE:

And now you have watched the video and you know the very nice thing Katy Perry offered to do for Tony, and you are crying, but that's OK because you just remembered it is the weekend now, and you are suddenly smiling again!

Oh, here's the Katy Perry song, in case you scamps want to Friday Dance Party or something:

Have beautiful weekends, errbody!


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