What If Fundamentalist Christians Cared About Other Things God Hates?

Like most of you, I do find fundamentalist Christians amusing, like clowns. Such merry puppets, spinning around and around!  Sometimes, however, it seems like they've gone into reruns: it's all gays, gays, gays, and fetuses, fetuses, fetuses all the time, tsk. Our beloved Jesusy minstrels need some fresh material! What's really a shame is that all the new material they need is right there in the Bible. There are soooo many things other than hairdressers and dead zygotes that God hates! Lucky for you I've got the Wonkette Time Scoop™ available, so we can peer into an alternative universe where Christians do spend more time hating these other, neglected things to hate, for Jesus. Unfortunately, the Wonkette Time Scoop™ kind of sucks, and all it can get from this unnervingly familiar parallel world is a few screen shots. Join me after the jump for a look!

Thanks, Wonkette Time Scoop™! Next time I want sprinkles, too!

Luv, Princess Sparkle Pony


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