What Part Of 'ILLEGAL' Doesn't 10-Year-Old Girl With Cerebral Palsy Understand?

You'll never have to worry about her taking your jobs now, America

The New Cruelty marches on, keeping America safe from the scourge of criminal illegal aliens who want to kill us all, like 10-year-old Rosamaria Hernandez, who has cerebral palsy and was brought to the USA illegally when she was 3 months old. Rosamaria, who lives in Laredo, Texas, was nabbed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at 2 a.m. Tuesday when an ambulance sneakily tried to get her to a hospital for emergency gallbladder surgery. When the ambulance reached a Border Patrol checkpoint, agents stopped it, discovered the girl was in the country illegally, and then very mercifully spared her a beatdown, because Donald Trump has such great heart.

After that, the agents followed the ambulance to Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi, where they stayed outside the operating room and then the recovery room the entire time, then arrested Rosamaria the moment she was released. She was accompanied by a cousin, Aurora Cantu, who is a US citizen. Here's Rosa Maria in the hospital, probably planning to join MS 13 and begin a crime spree:

Upon release, Rosamaria was taken to a San Antonio detention facility for migrant children who arrive in the US without their parents, despite her doctors' recommendation she be released to her parents. Rosamaria's parents are also undocumented, so they don't count, and for now they're staying in Laredo, 150 miles away from where their daughter is being held.

The Washington Post has this account of the brave federal agents' apprehension of the dangerous fugitive from justice, who has no respect for US immigration law (largely because, according to her teachers and doctors, her mental abilities are equivalent to those of a four- or five-year-old):

When her doctors said she could go home, Rosa Maria took two steps out of her hospital room, and, upon seeing the unfamiliar faces — more Border Patrol agents and lawyers — she wanted to go back inside, said the family’s attorney, Leticia Gonzalez.

It's unclear whether the Border Patrol officers chanted USA! USA! USA! as they took the small violator of American sovereignty into custody.

According to her cousin who was with her, the agents initially tried to deport Rosamaria before she even reached the hospital in Corpus Christi, and

tried to persuade the family to agree to have the girl transferred to a Mexican hospital, pressing the family to sign a voluntary departure form for her. They declined to do so.

Yes, this is the United States of America in 2017.

Get ready for anti-immigration wingnuts to seize on the criminal actions of Rosamaria's mother 10 years ago, when she brought her daughter here just to leech off the U.S. taxpayer:

Felipa de la Cruz, 39, said in an interview that her family had moved to Texas from Nuevo Laredo, the city in Mexico just across the border from Laredo, when her daughter was still an infant, hoping to get better treatment for her cerebral palsy.

They had not been able to afford her therapies in Mexico, she said, but in Texas, Medicaid paid for her daughter’s treatment, which included home visits from therapists.

“I’m a mother. All I wanted was for her to get the surgery that she needed,” Ms. de la Cruz said. “It never crossed my mind that any of what is happening right now could happen. When you’re a mother, all you care about is your child.”

Thank goodness Donald Trump only cares about beautiful Syrian babies, or that might move him to rethink his goal of deporting all the illegals, compassionately of course.

For some reason, lawmakers, activists, and attorneys seem to think there might be something wrong with nabbing Messican kids with severe disabilities and fast-tracking them for deportation. Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar, whose district includes Laredo, called on ICE to release Rosamaria to her family:

“I understand that C.B.P. has a tremendous duty to protect our nation,” he said in a statement, referring to Customs and Border Protection, “but we should be devoting our resources and focus on bigger threats.”

Priscilla Martinez, an activist with the Workers Defense Action Fund, said,

The fact that they spent so much time and resources to follow this girl, to treat her like she was the highest-priority criminal that ever walked on this earth — the way they’re treating her is just beyond what a 10-year-old special needs child should be treated

A spokesperson for CPB, Dan Hetlage, told NPR the agency is Just Following Orders:

"The agent is wrong if he lets her go. We don't have the discretion. It's not a traffic ticket. We follow the letter of the law," he said.

"It's frustrating for us," he continued, "I'm a human being. The agents are trying to do their job as humanely as possible."

Now that Team Trump is going after sick kids, people in the country illegally will have to think carefully before undertaking any criminal activity like taking their sick children to the hospital while brown, since that could result in the whole family being deported. The family's attorney, Leticia Gonzalez, told the Washington Post that since Rosamaria's family lived south of the highway checkpoint near Corpus Christi, the girl had never before had to go anywhere near it.

It truly is morning in America again, isn't it? Your papers, please.

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