When In Doubt, Mouth Off

Forget about martinis with breakfast. Today we come to you from New York's East Village, where it's still last night for some of us. Thanks to some well-timed trips to the restrooms at Lit, it feels more like 2 in the afternoon. Well, we may be strung out, but we can still care about what's happening in our nation's capital, where the US Senate is poised to confirm Samuel Alito and undo 60 years' worth of progress, as the Democrats -- hell-bent on displacing the Whigs as the lamest party ever -- stammer from the sidelines. Or in the rest of the world, where the smashing success of President Bush's campaign to bring democracy to the Arab world is now obvious to all. We'll keep you posted.

With a habit of harassing luminaries and a love of media pranks, I'll be anonoblogging today. Call me Ambitious Heckler (last item). Today is the LAST DAY of Wonkette guest writers before the new team takes over Monday. If you'll be kind and send your tips, it should all go smoothly. Get them in early, we're fine now but bound to crash at some point. Since I'm up here where people care more about baby bumps (and the small white kind) than committee markups and PAC memos, I don't always see the earnest policy-type blogs you do. So don't hesitate to send in things that seem obvious -- but please, nothing out of date, like that moldy-oldy Bushism that faked out Ezra Klein the other day!

Unlike some of the other Wonkette guests, I've never blogged before, even privately. And I really admire the writers who blog on these sites -- they attempt high-wire performance art without a net every day. If there's one lesson that Washington could take from the New York snarkosphere, it's this: you can't always be funny. But you can always heckle! There are plenty in DC who deserve it. Today, we'll give it our best shot. -- AMBITIOUS HECKLER


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