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You'll be glad to know that the Loon-o-Sphere has been cranking out conspiracy theories about the Las Vegas mass shooting as fast as cranks can think of them, and while Alex Jones has certainly showcased a few, he's really just the tip of the moronberg when it comes to people who have non-monogamous relationships with reality. Media Matters has helpfully catalogued some of the wackier ones out there and attempted to trace how some have migrated from the crazier corners of paranoialand to semi-respectable rightwing media. The old-timey gurus of the Internet were right: Information wants to be free. The gurus just didn't realize how much of that information also wanted to rip its clothes off in public and run around screaming about chemtrails while smearing itself with canned clams.

For instance, we bet you had no idea that Stephen Paddock, the man the media says was responsible for the shooting, was actually an undercover FBI agent who was setting up a gun-running sting against ISIS (just like Obama's Fast and Furious!), but they sussed him out, murdered him, then committed the mass shooting themselves and slipped away before police arrived. Apparently it didn't occur to the people who dreamed this one up that ISIS has no shortage of full-auto combat weapons captured from Iraqi and Syrian forces, or maybe this was supposed to be one of the several hundred active ISIS cells Obama allowed to set up shop in the USA, but which somehow couldn't get full-auto guns from the parent organization. Also, they vanished without a trace, just like that. Or maybe Paddock was a Deep State US agent running guns to the Philippines (his girlfriend is Filipina!) because the Deep State can't stand the idea that Rodrigo Duterte is finally cleaning up the drug business in his country by killing everyone.

Then there's Twitter goofball and former James O'Keefe confederate Laura Loomer, who yelled at some Shakespeare actors to save Donald Trump from being murdered. She's busy promoting any wackypants idea that she hears about from her "sources," like the obvious fact that Las Vegas union workers did the killing, because isn't it obvious? "Every office door in the MGM union has a picture of a Muslim woman" taped to it, and the MGM hotels had a union-demanded 10-week vacation to volunteer for the Hillary campaign (yeah, we're pretty sure that happened), so do we have to draw you a picture? So it only makes sense the hotel chain has deleted all the records from "Stephen Paddock's" stay at the Mandalay Bay, according to her inside source (a used copy of the Norton Anthology of English Verse that talks to her at night).

Also, too, there's all the compelling evidence that Stephen Paddock was a man who hated Donald Trump, and shot up a country music concert because country music fans universally love Donald Trump. Heck, Conservative Thought Leaderer and Convicted Felon Dinesh D'Souza thinks that makes a lot of sense:

Pam Geller stepped a bit outside her Muslim-hatin' comfort zone to explain that some guy wearing a pussy hat and a pink NASA tee shirt in a blurry photo of an August rally in Reno just had to be Paddock, because just look: It is an old guy with a beard and... AN UNDETACHED EARLOBE!

ALSO! Stephen Paddock worked for Lockheed Martin, and Lockheed Martin did contracts for NASA, and that's the only possible explanation for why the guy at the Reno protest has a NASA t-shirt. That there is an airtight case if ever we saw one.

This proves conclusively that all blurry photos of old white guys in Nevada are of the same person.

We are just about conspiracied out, so we will only briefly mention the possibilities that the shooting was part of a plot to make all public and private buildings in America buy metal detectors and other security devices, the obvious conclusion that police allowed the mass shooting to happen then shot Paddock to keep him from spilling the beans, that there were multiple shooters, and, obviously, that the mass shooting was really just a small part of a larger plot to nuke Las Vegas that was spoiled by the heroic and timely intervention of Blackwater, which hasn't existed for a decade.

But we certainly are delighted to learn that Idaho congressional candidate (and End Times prophet/prepper) Michael Snyder has been pushing several Las Vegas Conspiracy theories on his website, and even joined Alex Jones to rant about the old guy who wore a pussy hat in Reno just to make Freedom (i.e., the Second Amendment) die:

We really have to find Snyder campaign headquarters and volunteer. Now where's our James O'Keefe pimp suit?

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