Which Of These Roy Moore Pastors Should Babysit Your Little Girl?

AND alleged kid toucher!

The other day, we tweeted this, and we meant it:

A few days later we tweeted this:

We continue to be horrified by these disgusting creeps running around claiming the mantle of holiness, trying to tell us why it's better to vote for a guy who ("allegedly") molests kids than it is to vote for a Democrat. We are only an amateur Bible scholar, but we think these shitheads right here are some real motherfuckin' Pharisees, if you know what we mean. (You probably don't, because you are a #heathen.)

The Franklin Graham quote showed up in a new Boston Globe report, which quotes pastors who had previously voiced support for Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, to find out how they were feeling now that everybody knows he's been credibly accused of molesting kids. You will be horrified, yet not surprised, to learn that none of these "men of God" have changed their minds. They, like Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, are proud to vote for the kid-toucher!

Our question is, would you leave your little girl alone with this guy?

[Pastor Earl] Wise said he would support Moore even if the allegations were true and the candidate was proved to have sexually molested teenage girls and women.

“There ought to be a statute of limitations on this stuff,” Wise said. “How these gals came up with this, I don’t know. They must have had some sweet dreams somewhere down the line.

SWEET DREAMS? Pastor Wise thinks the nightmares Leigh Corfman might have had about being molested by Moore when she was 14 were "SWEET DREAMS"? (Corfman, Moore's first accuser, told her story Monday morning on "Today," if you haven't seen it.)

Plus, Pastor Wise added:

“Plus,” he added, “there are some 14-year-olds, who, the way they look, could pass for 20.”

Yeah! It was probably their fault for looking SO OLD Roy Moore just couldn't keep his cow inside the barn! Of course, the fact he found them at the mall, where the kids hung out, might have tipped him off. Or maybe the fact he was calling a high school to get a girl out of trigonometry class might have clued him into how maybe he was preying on a child.

So, is Pastor Wise a good babysitter for your little girl? Or maybe you'd rather leave your little girl with this guy:

For 40 years, “these women didn’t say a word. They were cool as a cucumber,” said pastor Franklin Raddish, a Baptist minister from South Carolina and a Moore supporter.

It doesn't count unless you tell a grown-up or a policeman right after it happens. Never mind that many women still aren't believed when they come forward with allegations, especially in conservative circles populated by gross men like Pastor Raddish. He added that all these women coming forward accusing Moore of molesting/sexually assaulting them is a lynching, and that this is just like what happens in Russia and China. Also:

In addition to saying Moore was being lynched, Raddish said the Republicans who were turning on Moore were just “political field hands picking cotton on the Democratic plantation.”

Conservative Southern pastors sure do love their slavery references. Wonder why!

So, is Pastor Franklin Raddish your daughter's babysitter? Are you comfortable with that? Maybe this quote he gave AL.com will help you make your decision:

"More women are sexual predators than men," said Raddish. "Women are chasing young boys up and down the road, but we don't hear about that because it's not PC."

If Roy Moore tweets #MeToo and starts preaching about how all these teenage girls victimized him by being too dang sexy, so fucking help me God ...

It's not all disgusting news when it comes to religious leaders speaking out on Moore. Here are some who are spreading the Christ-like message that actually child molestation is bad, and they're not all flaming liberals either! Russell Moore from the Southern Baptist Convention is reading his own flock for filth:

Russell Moore is no stranger to being a lone voice in the wilderness when it comes to calling his own people out. It's just sad that this time, being a lone voice in the wilderness means he's one of the only ones willing to say MOLESTING KIDS IS BAD.

Anyway, the answer to the question in the headline is that you are not letting any of Roy Moore's pastors babysit your little girls, because you love your kids. Keep them away from Moore's wife too, because there's something wrong with that lady.

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