White House Being Very Mean To That Nice Racist Steve Scalise

Oh snap! Did White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest just throw weapons-grade shade at embattled Republican House Whip Steve Scalise (R-The State Whut Brung You David Duke)? You know he did. A reporter asked White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest what he thought of this whole Steve Scalise business, and Earnest told a motherfucker. Huffington Post was there, and gurrrl...

"There's no arguing that who Republicans decide to elevate into a leadership position says a lot about what the conference's priorities and values are," Earnest said during the briefing.

"Ultimately, Mr. Scalise reportedly described himself as 'David Duke without the baggage,'" he continued, referring to a comment Scalise allegedly once made to a reporter. "It will be up to Republicans to decide what that says about their conference."

No baggage, Rep. Scalise? Oh honey, when you look in a mirror, all you see is cracked leather. [Spins on ball of foot, exits room.]

Privately, some Republicans are tugging nervously at their shirt collars as Scalise remains a member of Speaker John Boehner's leadership team. So they're doing what any smart politician does when he's nervous: give unattributed quotes to Politico!

Rank-and-file GOP lawmakers, meanwhile, found themselves defending Scalise back home, a potentially fatal flaw for someone who wants to serve in leadership. Many of these lawmakers are faced with blistering editorials from hometown newspapers calling for Scalise to step down. Conservative activists like Mark Levin, Erick Erickson and Sarah Palin have all said he should be booted out of GOP leadership.

“As far as him going up to the Northeast, or going out to Los Angeles or San Francisco or Chicago, he’s damaged,” said a GOP lawmaker who asked not to be named. “This thing is still smoking. Nobody is really fanning the flames yet. … The thing that concerns me is that there are people who are still out there digging on this right now.”

It's rainin' shade here in D.C., Wonketeers! "Can't even raise money in California," some anonymous Republican sneers. "What kind of a broke-ass majority whip can't raise money in California?" he wonders aloud, not disclosing that he never did much care for Scalise's knockoff Louis Vuitton lifestyle.

Later in the day, an aide from Boehner's leadership team gave his own anonymous quote to the media. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest and his Dollar General weave need to watch themselves, the aide said.

A House GOP leadership aide pushed back on Earnest's comments Monday evening.

"The White House piling on Rep. Scalise is awfully short-sighted," said the aide. "As House Republican whip, Scalise will play a crucial role in determining the fate of the President’s bipartisan legislative priorities -- like trade -- over the next two years."

Treated. Steve Scalise is political baggage for our party? Yeah, well, guess what -- he's still in Congress and stuff, you big jerk!

Sick comeback, anonymous GOP leadership aide. We have forwarded a list of D.C.-area burn units to Mr. Earnest's office.

[Huffington Post]

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