• Our war against the Taliban is going so well that the Taliban leaders are negotiating their surrender to Karzai's Afghan government! Yes, that's it, "surrender" is what it is, when your high-level officials join the government that was trying to destroy you. If there's any consolation, they're only doing it because their own underlings are starting to freak them out. Anyway, just to show that the fun isn't ending, the Taliban blew up some NATO fuel trucks in Pakistan. (Did we mention that NATO would be out of Afghanistan and Pakistan, after the Taliban surrender?) [AP/NYT]
  • Who will save Barack Obama and the Democrats come November? Not Latinos, it turns out! [NYT]
  • Jimmy Carter is feeling better and telling everybody that he said something mean about George W. Bush in 2001, so, yay? [WP]
  • The only thing standing in the way of Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton switching jobs in 2012 is that Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama are opposed to the idea. But other than that. [AOL]

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