White House Fence Jumper Had 800 Rounds Of Ammo, Smells Like Benghazi

Omar Gonzalez, the Iraq War veteran who was arrested Friday night when he climbed over the White House fence and managed to run across the lawn and into the building before the Secret Service nabbed him, was in court on Monday to face charges of entering a restricted federal building while armed. (Gonzalez was carrying a serrated pocket knife when he was arrested.) Which was all scary enough to begin with. Then federal prosecutors revealed even more details.

On Sept. 19, the day he jumped over White House fence, investigators found his vehicle contained 800 rounds of ammunition both in boxes and magazines, as well as two hatchets and a machete, prosecutors said.

We know what you’re thinking, gun-grabbers, and you all need to settle down. The Second Amendment says the war veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder can have all the ammunition he wants. Well, it’s implied in the amendment, anyway. After all, what good would all the guns be if the dude couldn’t buy bullets for them? What’s he supposed to do, throw the bullets at people really, really hard?

Oh, did he have guns too? He did on July 19, when he was stopped for reckless driving in Wythe County in Virginia. Cops also found a map with the White House circled on it and what has been described as either a sawed-off shotgun or a sniper rifle. He was also stopped outside the White House in August after Secret Service agents spotted him walking along the fence with a hatchet tucked into the back of his pants. A political hatchet man! Ho ho ho, please kill us, this job has become a prison from which we cannot escape.

Gonzalez allegedly told the agents who arrested him on Friday night that he was concerned that the atmosphere was collapsing and wanted to warn the president. Dude, you could have just gone to that giant climate march in New York on Sunday, there were 300,000 people there who agree with you.

We expect the wingnut media to tell us how this is all Barack Obama’s fault for not un-fucking the Veterans Administration and helping all our soldiers get the help they need. Or the Department of Homeland Security’s fault for daring to suggest that returning Iraq War vets could pose a security threat by joining antigovernment militias or becoming violent lone wolves, which obviously provoked Gonzalez to do just that.

Or maybe they will find a way to connect it to...wait for it...BENGHAZI!!1!! Oh wait, the nitwits who take up couch space on Fox's Outnumberedalready did that. Seriously, co-host Harris Faulkner?

So Andrea, I couldn't help but let my mind just flow to something else. Another asset that we didn't protect -- the U.S. outpost in Benghazi, Libya. I don't want to say that this is a trend, but smells like it.

No! No it does not smell anything like Benghazi, Harris Faulkner! There is a huge difference between the amount of security you throw at the White House and the amount you throw at a consulate in a Libyan city where you are trying to get the people to like you! Just stop speaking words through that hole in your face, and then no one will be reminded that you have the intellectual acuity of a potato.

Anyway, who won’t the wingnuts blame for this incident? The warmongers in the last administration (and their allies in Congress) who made guys like Gonzalez by sending them off to fight in a dumb war in the first place.

Gonzalez is being held without bail until at least Oct. 1, when he is due back in court. By which point we're sure the NRA will have hired a lawyer for him.

[NBC News]


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