CNN inflicted Donald Trump's chief trade advisor guy Peter Navarro on an unwilling American public again Wednesday night, although the man has basically honed himself down to one schtick for such appearances: arguing with CNN anchors about how he thinks we need to be treating a lot more people with the worthless anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine, while the anchors point out that all the major studies into the drug have found it doesn't show any real benefits. We don't know why CNN keeps doing this; it's like one of those recurring unfunny sketches that Saturday Night Live used to keep doing in the 1990s until, inexplicably, they made it a movie.

This time out, there was something new, at least: After host Erin Burnett noted that five large controlled studies have found no benefit for hydroxychloroquine over placebos, Navarro didn't go to his favorite flawed study, but instead cited a new expert: "Dilbert" cartoonist and rightwing blog guy Scott Adams, who like Navarro is not a doctor either. Clearly, we did something terrible in a previous life, and this is our punishment.

But first, Burnett had to ask Navarro what he thought of the fact that Anthony Fauci, whom Navarro had trashed in an op-ed last month, has had to get security for his family because of death threats. Navarro certainly thought that's a very bad thing, because it demonstrates how polarized Americans are about this disease:

Erin, this is just so unacceptable behavior. To me, it's so un-American. What's always puzzled me from the onset of this crisis is here we have are the Chinese communist virus effectively sending a virus over here — whether it was done by accident or on purpose, I don't know — but they send it over here and kill over 150,000 Americans, cause trillions of dollars of damage. Instead of being angry at them, we're angry at each other.

Why can't we simply unite in hatred of the Chinese, Erin? Mind you, the people who hate Fauci for his disloyalty to Donald Trump tend to already be in the blame China camp, but let's not split hairs when there's utter bullshit to spread. Navarro now says that his earlier sniping at Fauci had merely been on "fair policy disputes," like how Fauci was "wrong on everything," especially the miracle drug that isn't.

Burnett countered by pointing out that not only has Fauci criticized Navarro's favorite hydroxy study as "flawed" (the doctors chose which patients would get it), but that the drug had also been dismissed as ineffective by Dr. Deborah Birx. What's more, there were the five controlled studies. Navarro, however, had an idiot up his sleeve.

All right. Let me say this to you, okay? I reach out to all your viewers. Scott Adams — you know Scott Adams, right? He's the guy who wrote the "Dilbert" cartoon. He did a beautiful ten-minute video on Twitter, and the thesis of the video is that CNN might be killing thousands because of the way they've treated that. So, I would just ask — I'll let Scott Adams' video be my defense on this.

The video, which we won't make you watch because we sure haven't, is described like so by the Daily Beast:

The video that Navarro referenced shows the Trump-boosting cartoonist pointing to a bunch of whiteboards while accusing CNN of killing tens of thousands of people because of their "dangerous" reporting on the drug.

Because, as Navarro went on to elucidate, if he and Donald Trump and the cartoonist guy are wrong, then hooray, no harm done, because hydroxy is harmless. (He handwaves away the drug's potential heart-damaging side effects, because that can't happen if you're under a doctor's care, you see. That should be news to the people in the clinical trials that turned up the heart problems, since those trials were conducted by doctors, not former CNBC hosts.)

BUT!!! If Navarro, Trump, and Adams are right (which, again, they are not), then thousands of people will have died because CNN has been reporting, accurately, that clinical studies keep finding no medical benefit. It's a bit like Pascal's wager, but if you were already dead.

Here's an idea: Maybe CNN could take a chance on not having that dickweed Navarro on, ever again. Nothing of importance would be missed.

But just think, if we ignore the guy who says radical Islam is at war with "female-dominated countries" like the USA, and that he'd happily assassinate Donald Trump if he becomes Hitler, and that if Joe Biden is elected, Republicans will be hunted and killed, then we just might be sealing our doom.

It's a chance we're willing to take.

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