White House To Trump Idiots It's Firing: Cry More.

When Donald Trump became president, he fired everybody, and he continued firing everybody, even his own appointees, right up to the second he was leaving office, because he just could never seem to find anybody loyal enough to treat him as king and let him do dictator shit, except for the people who did do that. But Trump's rate of firing of the "Obama People" at the beginningwas astounding, just seriously fucking astounding. Of course, Trump would whine about "Obama people" his entire presidency, crafting a victim narrative that they were all the Deep State out to personally take him down.

On one level this was normal, because new presidents tend to clean house of political appointees of the last president, especially when the last president was a legitimately elected American, and the new president is a white supremacist who rode Russia's coattails into office. Changes must be made! On another level, watching it happen in real time, it was horrifying to see how quickly American institutions can be destroyed. (Two words: Preet. Bharara.)

Now we have a new president again, an American president, one who beat the everloving crap out of Trump in the November 2020 election, and it's his job to clean house of all the unqualified Dumpster fires Trump provided with gainful employment. So President Joe Biden has been on a bit of a firing rampage too, and newly canned Trump appointees have been saaaaad.

Axios reports that the Biden White House has a message for them, and it is get the fuck over it:

The White House has been methodically clearing house, a practice former President Trump followed when he was elected — most prominently at the State Department. The aim is to install staff more in sync with an administration starkly different than its predecessor.

What they're saying: "Elections have consequences," said White House spokesperson Mike Gwin.

Gwin further explained that "President Biden won with a commanding victory in November, and now he has the right and obligation to make sure the positions he fills reflect the priorities he campaigned on." Left unspoken is the fact that Trump filled government positions with such destructive termite people that Biden's job of cleaning house is even bigger than it usually would be. Probably gotta call Terminix or the Orkin Man.

Axios has a couple examples of Trump people whining to the media about being newly fun-employed, to which we respond like a common Melania and say "I REALLY DON'T CARE DO U?"

There's this douchebag:

National Security Agency general counsel Michael Ellis, who Trump installed immediately after the presidential race was called for President Biden, also vented in his resignation letter. Ellis complained he had been put "on administrative leave for nearly three months without any explanation or updates."

Wait, THAT guy? The Devin Nunes idiot Trump tried to stuff under the desk at NSA literally in the days before he was unceremoniously kicked out of the White House? Cry harder, dude. If anybody was top-of-list for Biden to get the fuck out of there, it was that guy. (Hit that link if you need a reminder why.)

This one's funny, because US Commission of Fine Arts chair Justin Shubow is just really blubbering over Biden's letter telling Trump's appointees at the architecture board to resign or be fired. This is the group, NPR explains, that "oversees design and architecture of federal buildings in Washington, D.C." You may remember Trump's ridiculous executive order at the end of his ridiculous presidency, about how modern buildings are gross and "Classical and other traditional architecture" were the only good kinds. This, of course, is a hallmark of white rightwing authoritarian movements, this obsession with classical and neoclassical architecture.

CNN reported on Tuesday:

Shubow says he refused to resign and is seeking an explanation for his termination. He described the ousting as "an attack on classical and traditional architecture," pointing to how the commissioners who were removed were strong proponents of classical architectural design.

Oh heavens, not an attack on classical and traditional architecture! Oh my stars! What is the explanation for this?!

The explanation, of course, is to take your white supremacist architecture and go fuck yourself dude. (The New Republichas a good thing on what a nutjob that guy is.)

In summary and in conclusion, these people should stop whining and pull themselves up by the bootstraps and go get a job. We hear a lot of restaurants are hiring wait staff right now.

[Axios / CNN]

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