White People Upset At White People For Being Mean To Blacks, Guess It's Serious Now

So you know how polls about race always seem to show that black people think racism is still a thing, while white people mostly perceive it as something from the Olden Times, like way back before "Good Times," even? Here's a bit of a surprise, maybe! A new Gallup Poll finds that, in the weird language of polling, "Americans' satisfaction with the way blacks are treated has declined to a new low in Gallup's 15-year trend, now at 49%. This is a sharp drop from two years ago, when 62% were satisfied." That's a pretty weird question to start with -- "How satisfied are you with how blacks are treated in U.S. society?" -- but the results do actually seem to indicate that even white people are sort of vaguely aware that things may not be all that great. Obviously, this is Obama's fault, or an indication that politically-correct media and college teachers and videos of black people getting beaten up and shot by cops have distorted reality. (There Fox News, we wrote your lede for you).

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Gallup's webpage very carefully speculates that there may be a reason for the change, positing that the "drop in satisfaction likely reflects the effects of several high-profile and deadly incidents in the last year involving white police officers and black citizens." That, or suddenly massive numbers of Americans enrolled in critical race theory classes and read Franz Fanon. It coulda happened. Or maybe this is just one more manifestation of the pernicious effects of that racist pervert sex dragon thing that's plaguing America.

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Not surprisingly, even with the decline in satisfaction across all demographics, there was still a big gap in perceptions between whites and blacks surveyed:

Currently, 33% of blacks are satisfied with the way blacks are treated in society, a decline from 47% in 2013. This decline has occurred even though blacks themselves are no more likely than two years ago to report being treated unfairly in various situations because of their race, including dealing with the police. [...]

A slim majority of whites remain satisfied with the way blacks are treated, but this is down from 67% in 2013. Hispanics' satisfaction with the treatment of blacks has fallen from 61% to 44% over the same time period and is back to where it was in the latter years of George W. Bush's administration.

Still, this is probably a good thing to know! White people are becoming marginally aware, which is almost as encouraging as that time when, in response to decades of feminism, several thousand men across the nation started changing diapers and doing laundry.

Here's the really interesting detail: while blacks in the poll were no more likely than they were two years ago to report personally experiencing racism -- which (pay attention, Fox!) is different from saying they hadn't experienced it -- whites were far more likely to say that blacks are likely to be mistreated while shopping or visiting restaurants, as well as in encounters with police. Needless to say, Yr Wonkette is already bracing for the Usual Suspects to go into Obligatory Outrage Mode over Gallup's flagrant race-baiting.

Even so, the question must be asked: Is our white people learning? Could be!

Now if whites could just learn not to fiddle inquisitively with their black co-workers' hair...

[Gallup / Reuters]

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