'White Student Union' So Mad About Getting Hit With May Day Bags of Pee


So here is a thing that happened in Washington DC yesterday: CNN reports that members of "The White Student Union" and the "May Day Workers" came together in Lafayette Park for a frank exchange of views and hurled bags of urine. We pretty much hate the white supremacists because their ideology is, you know, all evil and shit, but while we probably share a lot of the red-flag-waving May Day crowd's politics, there's also just something about the chanting and posing that leaves us wanting to bash ourselves in the head with a large rock wrapped in Scotch.

In any case, after some initial obscenity-laced pleasantries in which the two groups could not seem to agree on which was the greater threat to America, fisticuffs broke out, and eventually, "combatants threw bags of urine and flag poles at each other."*

One person was arrested, and slogans were dispensed to the press:

"We were here to protest communism and to stand up for the blue collar working class. And then I got urine thrown on me," said Matthew Heimbach, president of the White Student Union. "So it shows really how tolerant these people are."

John Zangas, who was with the May Day Workers, said people were offended by some of the statements from the White Student Union.

"I don't even want to characterize them but they're fairly bigoted," said Zangas.

We were unable to contact Roger Nicholson, aka Irate Boston Man, but we are reasonably certain that he would advise protestors to avoid taking the term "keep runnin' yer pissflaps" literally.

*Editrix here. We can't believe that the white supremacist "White Student Union" would have had the foresight to have pee-bags at the ready, while it is a longtime tactic of our May Day Melee buddies. So we are going to take issue with "at each other." But the more important thing is: hahahahahaha poor White Supremacists, being untolerated. :(

[CNN via RawStory]

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