In Fight Between Nancy Pelosi And Facebook, Laura Ingraham Chooses White Supremacists

Professional terrible person Laura Ingraham was in the highest possible dudgeon last night over what her diseased mind believes are Democrats' attempts to "shut down the Right." She called out recent comments from Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton that Ingraham admits sound superficially "innocent" yet when you "dig deeper," there's something "far more nefarious at play." That's the same sort of conspiracy-laced explanation your cousin gives for why he doesn't have a credit card.

Pelosi and Clinton both dragged Facebook over the company's refusal to pull an obviously doctored video of the House Speaker looking like a common Dame Peggington. Pelosi used to give Facebook the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it was just too stupid and millennial to understand that it was helping spread Russian propaganda. She's past that now, which is why you shouldn't enable the defamation of someone's character. It can ruin a relationship. Clinton, during a commencement address at Hunter College, called the video "sexist trash" that even YouTube took down. Ingraham considered this the first strike against freedom and democracy.

INGRAHAM: They're trying to bully social media, satirists, people with comedic flair.

On the "Lucifer" TV series, the Devil describes hell as a "torture of your own making filled by guilt with a little bit of flair thrown in for fun." Maybe that's what Ingraham means because the doctored video isn't "satire." It's not a "Saturday Night Live" sketch where a reasonable person understands that Kate McKinnon isn't actually Pelosi. Just as there's no crying in baseball, there's no "comedic flair" in libel.

Ingraham insists Democrats' "goal" is to use the specter of Russian hacking as an excuse to "silence" conservative voices ahead of the 2020 election. Ingraham discussed this diabolical scheme further with her in-studio guest, surviving brain donor Candace Owens.

OWENS: I just want to say first and foremost to Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton: "Welcome to the Internet!"

That's sweet. Did she also bring a casserole and some porn? Wait, she's just demonstrating more of that "comedic flair" conservatives are known for. Owens pointed out that doctored videos and memes are commonplace online. Besides, liberals post garbage about conservatives all the time and all they can do is complain about it on their own 24-hour cable network.

OWENS: This is the way the Internet works! This is the game of humor and parody.

Seriously, guys, just take one communications law class. We're begging you.

Owens argued with words that were only related because they came after each other that liberals are trying to create a "narrative" of Russian influence in the election because they think they're "smarter" than the voters who stupidly chose Donald Trump. Ingraham claimed it's actually liberals who are "meddling" in the election by always bringing up Russia or "fake news." This is sound logic.

Ingraham contends that "thin-skinned" liberals like Pelosi are trying to "shut down" conservative voices so they can't influence public opinion during next year's elections. She even has examples!

LOLFox News

We're gonna dispute the use of "prominent" here. This is a collection of discredited kooks and bigots. We don't care much for conservatives, but we still think they can do better than these losers. It's not even the Legion of Doom. It's a racist "Hollywood Squares."

Facebook banned assholes Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, and Milo Yiannopoulos for obvious reasons, which we don't even have to justify because Facebook's a private company. No one has a right to its data-mining platform. Michelle Malkin had a post pulled from the site and acted like the Thought Police were coming for her. Trump's social media director Dan Scavino was blocked temporarily, which is kinda funny, because his comments had been reported as spam. Facebook later apologized. James Woods was suspended from Twitter for tweeting #HangThemAll in reference to the Mueller Report. Literally none of this has anything to do with their conservative ideology or support for Trump.

Last and least is Paul Nehlen, a gross anti-Semitic white supremacist. Not only does Ingraham claim this clown as one of her own but she describes him as a "prominent" voice for conservatism. Twitter banned Nehlen because he kept going on about the "Jewish question." He also recently proposed a "race war" but maybe he was "satirically" getting all "Helter Skelter" on us.

Owens embarrassed her kinfolk in Africa further by claiming that liberals use social media to "shun" people who "believe" in "black America." No one on the "prominent" conservative voices list cares that much about black people. Ingraham "joked" that liberals want to banish black conservatives to the "back of the bus," because that's something she would find funny.

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