White Supremacists Had A Party And No One (Except Counterprotesters) Showed Up

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White Supremacists Had A Party And No One (Except Counterprotesters) Showed Up

This weekend, cities across the country braced themselves for what was supposed to be a rash of White Lives Matter rallies on Sunday. For a month, racists had planned these rallies on Telegram, in public chats and in private chats — well, chats they thought were private, anyway. We were supposed to be scared, like we were after Charlottesville, like we were after January 6.

It didn't quite work out that way. Instead, the majority of these rallies looked like this one in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with one lone Nazi carrying an "All Guns Matter" sign, being protected by police.

In New York, they managed to get "two soggy Nazis."

In Boise, the scene was all antifascist activists and one lonely racist with an unfortunate haircut.

The St. Paul, Minnesota, rally turned out a whopping three Nazis.

The largest rally turned out to be the one in Huntington Beach, California, which had been promoted by the local Ku Klux Klan.

That one was kicked off by police randomly arresting a Black man who was counter-protesting.

But that didn't mean it didn't get violent. Even the small amount of Nazis who showed up still managed to assault some people.

Why were these such a big flop? Well, for one, many white supremacists have been kicked off of social media, and so all of the organizing had to be done on Telegram, which not a lot of people are on and which is not really conducive to that sort of thing. Also, thanks to anti-fascist organizing and infiltration of these groups — as well as their own infighting — it's really hard for a Nazi to trust anyone these days. In the Telegram group chat for the event, organizers argued against including any established right-wing extremist groups to help them organize, arguing they had all either been compromised or were not to be trusted in general.


Of particular interest, while past "White Lives Matter" demonstrations have been organized by the likes of the National Socialist Movement, White Lives Matter – 04/11 is stressing that the marches are being planned outside the bounds of existing groups.

For instance, "NotUrAvgNormie" asked, "Should we coordinate with other organizations to build up presence?…As a southerner, I was considering sharing this with the [white nationalist] League of the South." In response, White Lives Matter – 04/11 responded, "This is not about organizations. Share it with everyone who is pro-white."

Others mulled over organizational alliances that may or may not be sought out for the marches. One chat participant using the name "Emma Liddell" offered that "I no longer know who to contact in my state. I don't trust the proud boys (sic) because they showed they are nothing but weaklings at our last rally and the members of AFA here in MN are nothing but pathetic fat pukes and weaklings as well. Ideas?"

AFA likely refers to the Asatru Folk Assembly, a racialist group that recently garnered national attention after receiving a permit to operate its whites-only "church" in Murdock, Minnesota.

The groups and chats on Telegram had not only been infiltrated by anti-fascists, some of the local group chats were even being run by them as honeypots.

Via Vice:

Just days before a series of White Lives Matter rallies were to take place in cities across the U.S., the movement has fallen into shambles after antifascists posed as event organizers and lured unsuspecting racists to join several fake Telegram channels.

On Thursday, the administrators of the "White Lives Matter" channels for Seattle and New Jersey suddenly changed their avatar to an antifa flag and revealed themselves to be a "honeypot," created to draw in extremists and glean information about them. The "NYC White Lives Matter" channel followed suit.

In the main Telegram page for the event, "White Lives Matter – 04/11," organizers tried to push a narrative that the small turnout didn't matter, because "this is only the beginning."


To everyone who contributed and supported this grassroot initiative, we stand in respect and honor. One, or 100, or 1,000, we value the sacrifice and determination into Struggle. This was only the beginning.

We must all be champions for the cause. Those who lead are an inspiration to countless more who will follow in your footsteps.

Each successive event from here will grow exponentially bigger and stronger. We are leading the way forward to a brighter future by standing up for the value and importance of our people.

No one said this would be easy. In fact ALL of the Powers of the anti-Whites were in full force to stop us taking off. But we have taken off. And we are determined to carry the cross for our People.

We will not be silenced or intimidated! And us all, will be the ones to reignite the racial consciousness in our people to realize that White Lives Matter and we have the right to Exist!

May's event TBA shortly. The event will be extremely vetted this time. Today's video montage will appear tomorrow. POWER.

Except it's not "only the beginning." Throughout the Trump era there were myriad rallies and protests organized by white supremacists, nearly all of which were far better attended than this one was.

This likely doesn't mean the number of virulent racists has gone down or that their threat is any less significant. What it does mean, however, is that they don't feel quite as emboldened as they did during Trump's reign. The reason the Charlottesville Unite The Right rally drew so many people is because they heard Trump's rhetoric and decided it was now safe to come out of the linen closet. They believed their ideas were going mainstream. And they were! In fact, they're still going mainstream. Just last week Tucker Carlson was on Fox News promoting the racist Great Replacement theory.

But they don't have reason to believe they will be protected, they have reason to be paranoid. And that is bound to make things a little tougher for them going forward.

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