Tucker Carlson has been having a heck of a week, ever since he decided to go full 14 words on his show last Friday night and started demanding that all the "elites" explain to him why diversity is a good thing. While he's been dragged by us and literally every other outlet on earth, he does have his supporters.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, those supporters are white supremacists.

Over on the Daily Stormer, Andrew Anglin, an actual Nazi, could not believe that anyone would dare suggest that Tucker Carlson was a racist simply for holding the same opinions about diversity as Andrew Anglin, an actual Nazi:

How is this sustainable, long term?

Of course it isn't. It was never meant to be. The plan was to just silence all critics, either with social shame or censorship, until America was so brown that it was too late to do anything about it.

And they would have gotten away with it, too.

But then this gigantic man showed up and put a wrench in the gears of the white genocide machine.

According to my Googling, Tucker Carlson is 6'1" -- which, while certainly taller than one might imagine he is, is not precisely Paul Bunyan. But sure, he's a superhero ubermensch, just like Trump.

On the white supremacist site VDare.com (which I will not link to because they don't allow archive.is links), they wrote an article titled "Tucker Carlson Dares Question Dogma of Diversity; Pointing and Sputtering Ensues." They clearly had something to say. What it was, I cannot tell you because it makes literally no sense:

Wow, Tucker Carlson really hit a nerve by asking simple, obvious questions about the recent dogma that Diversity Is What Unifies America Ever Since Pilgrim Father Emma Lazarus Laid "the moral and cultural foundations of the country" on Plymouth Rock.

Then they, for whatever reason, falsely claimed that affirmative action "quotas" have existed since the 1960s, when in actuality quotas have been illegal since the Supreme Court's 1978 decision in California v. Bakke (although Bakke upheld race as *a* qualifying factor).

Denying talented people opportunities for service on the basis of their race (white & increasingly Asian) and their ethnicity (nonHispanic) is called affirmative action.

I realize racial/ethnic quotas only go back to late 1960s, but maybe someday you'll notice their existence.

Then again, racist people don't tend to be all that smart -- which is just another way that diversity is, indeed, a strength.

The best one so far, however, has come from an entirely non-existent organization called "Heart Not Hate," in response to the Sleeping Giants campaign to go after Carlson's advertisers.

Here is that letter's text. Prepare yourselves, for it is ridiculous:

An open letter to the corporations bravely sponsoring Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Yesterday a far-left antiwhite pressure group called Sleeping Giants published an open letter to you. In it they threatened you with libelous guilt-by-association unless you changed your business practices and pulled ads from Mr. Carson's show. This letter is a word of encouragement from our organization, Heart Not Hate. We want to thank you for standing strong against the threats of Sleeping giants. When you bought ads on Tucker Carlson Tonight, you knew you were at risk of courting controversy. Mr. Carlson speaks for the men and women of America who feel left behind, and who rarely have the opportunity to speak their minds openly. They number in the millions. These are peaceful, law-abiding citizens who hold political views that are legitimate and mainstream. Yes, the idea that diversity isn't necessarily a strength is a mainstream political view, despite what Sleeping Giants wants us to think. The notion that "multiculturalism works" is disputed by millions, including billions of non-western people living in other countries outside of America who prefer to live, work and play among their own kin. These regular, everyday people would rather not see their homelands flooded with groups who are different from them.

We understand the pressure to change your advertising spots will be intense, but we ask that you hold strong against this far-left assault. If you give in, Sleeping Giants will see their power and influence grow, and businesses that cater to unpopular, minority groups will be marginalized. America was built on freedom of speech, unimpeded by economic or social pressure. That means diversity of thought, not necessarily diversity of cultures or ethnic groups. Some of the greatest individuals in history dared to speak their minds against all odds, even when their views were considered hateful or outlandish. What Mr. Carlson says on his show is hardly in that category, but if the window of acceptable opinion becomes too narrow than Americans will lose the freedom and choice they have had since the inception of this great nation in 1776.

Even Sleeping Giants doesn't believe their own propaganda. For if they did, they wouldn't see a need to threaten corporations to act against their own patrons.

Do the right thing. Stick by your decisions. Stand firm against hate. By supporting Tucker Carlson Tonight you are supporting millions of Americans who will be very grateful to you. That gratitude will be repaid with business and loyalty.

Yeah, nothing says "Hey, definitely continue advertising with Tucker Carlson!" like "Racists will totally love you!"

Ironically, the first reference I could online find to the term "Heart Not Hate" was in reference to its use by a group of anti-fascists. Another was a YouTube video about how bullying is bad. So basically, someone is literally inventing an organization that they claim represents "millions of Americans," in hopes of helping Tucker Carlson keep his advertisers and scream a bunch about how being a giant weirdo who is scared of diversity IS SO a very mainstream, normal position. Good luck!

The final white nationalist supporter of Tucker Carlson's views is none other than Tucker Carlson himself -- who, last night, insisted that E Pluribus Unum was all well and good when it meant that minorities changed themselves and abandoned their cultures in order to blend with WASPs like him, but now that their differences are being celebrated, it is wrong and bad. This comes after his weird-ass Twitter rant in which he doubled down on his anti-diversity views.

Getting angry about people refusing to even try to fit in with you is a thing most people get over by senior year of high school, if not right after middle school. Those who do not get over it tend to not do very well in the real world, because the real world is so big and so, yes, diverse, that giving a crap about that will literally drive you insane and turn you into a giant weirdo no one wants to hang out with, or a Fox News anchor.

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