Whitmer Kidnap Plot Allegedly Included Literal Sweeps Week: Televised Mass Executions

Back in October, 14 members of the Wolverine Watchmen militia were arrested for plotting to kidnap and possibly murder Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Excuses were made on their behalf, almost immediately. Perhaps they were just planning to do a perfectly legal citizen's arrest, offered one sheriff. Just last week, a judge decided the bonds for Paul Bellar and Joseph Morrison, two of the men involved in the plot, were too high and reduced them to $75,000 each.

As completely horrifying as it is that anyone would legitimately try to kidnap the governor of Michigan over having to wear a mask to the supermarket, it now turns out that their plans did not end there.

In addition to kidnapping Whitmer, prosecutors allege that the men also had another plan wherein they were going to get 200 of their closest friends together and stage an armed takeover of the Michigan capitol building and "stage a week-long series of televised executions of public officials."

It is not clear exactly how they were going to get anyone to televise these executions. Even Fox would likely pass. At best, they could maybe get a livestream on Rumble, the latest YouTube For Wingnuts. Maybe they thought that like, once you murder the government of Michigan you get to become the government of Michigan, and they could just order local stations to broadcast it? It's not really clear.

Televised mass executions have become a prominent feature of many rightwing fantasies over the past few years. Part of the QAnon plan for televised mass executions involved also arresting everyone in the media and then intercepting all of the signals so that the only thing on TV for a week was the executions of "traitors" and Satanists and whoever else it is they don't like this week. This is what they mean when they say, ever so slyly, "Enjoy the show."

There was also a Plan C. This plan involved just straight up setting the entire capitol building on fire and leaving no survivors.

Now, it's easy to think, "Okay, well, these are just a few wackos who have gone too far, and now we've got them and they'll probably go to jail and learn their lesson about plotting to kidnap the governor of Michigan or publicly execute all of the state officials." But they're not alone. Even sort of.

In fact, a lot of people with even greater influence than these doofuses are publicly encouraging similar measures over the election.

On Infowars this week, correspondent Owen Shroyer said that we would all deserve mass violence if we don't just let Donald Trump continue being the president whether he won the election or not.

In explaining this, he compared Democrats and the media to a school bully named Steve who goes around taking everyone's lunch money and everyone knows he's taking their lunch money, but Steve gets mad when people mention he's taking their lunch money because it could lead to violence against him. It was a very strained analogy.

If you're in the high school lunchroom and there's a guy going around stealing everybody's lunch money, everybody's like, "Where's all my lunch money going? This is weird." And then you're like, "Hey, Steve over there has been going around stealing everybody's lunch money." And then Steve comes up to you and says, "Hey man, don't say that. That's hateful against me. That could lead to violence against me." Well, hold on a second, Steve, you're the one who stole all the lunch money. That's who the globalists are, that's who the Democrats are, that's who the mainstream media is. They've stolen your country, they've stolen your integrity, they've stolen your freedom, they've stolen your reality, they've stolen everything. They've stolen your future, they've stolen your children's future, they've stolen our education system. They have taken from us everything except the very breath from our mouths, and now they're coming for that too with a stupid face mask.

He then explained that, like Steve the lunchroom bully, we would deserve the violence coming to us because of all of the atrocities we have committed by not re-electing Donald Trump to be President of the United States.

And so you just point the finger and you say, "You've done this. You've committed these crimes. You've committed these atrocities. You're trying to make us a slave. You're lying to us. You're dividing us. You're gaslighting us. You're instigating us. You're doing it." And they say, "Don't say that. That could lead to violence against us." Well, you know what? Maybe you deserve what's coming. You ever thought about that? Oh, wait, they have, that's why they're so scared. Did you really think we would just take this on our backs?

"You're trying to make us a slave," he says. This reminds me of my favorite Lenny and the Squigtones lyric, "Our friends put us down, they say we're a clown," except it is not supposed to be a hilarious joke.

Shroyer then explained that the MAGA people have been peaceful up until now (Narrator: They have not been peaceful), but that will all change if they do not get their way. They will have to start murdering us all, and Owen Shroyer will sit comfortably in his studio while all the angry veterans and fathers do his bloody grunt work, broadcasting the whole thing.

Yeah, it's a million marchers in DC peacefully now. Yeah, it's going to be thousands of people peacefully in Atlanta this weekend. But let me tell you: If you steal this election from us and you put in a UN communist corrupt criminal Joe Biden in the White House, it's not going to be a million peaceful marchers in DC. No, no, no. No, it's not. No, it's not. And you know, quite frankly, that's not a threat because I'm to the point where — I mean we can lead marches all day long, but I know I won't have to be the one to get my hands dirty. I can sit right here in studio and just broadcast the whole thing. It's going to be 3 million veterans, it's going to be 3 million fathers that have been fed up and at the end of their rope for a long, long time, who have been screwed over by this system and are done.

Well that just makes sense.

Newt Gingrich, in an appearance on Hannity, was more subtle, but still got his point across:

But look, I would say to every person in Georgia who favors Donald J. Trump: Go to the governor's mansion, physically. Go to the Capitol, physically. Communicate that you're prepared to stand up for America and you're prepared to stand up for an honest election and that you are sick of politicians selling you out.

As I've said before, one of the truly scary parts of this whole plot is that these men have likely been told for years, by conservative media, that they have every right to overthrow the government should the government do anything they consider "tyranny." They have been told that this why the Second Amendment exists. They have been told that they are the only Real Americans and that the rest of us? At best we don't count, at worst we are insurgents trying to take their country away from them. Given how hard it is drilled in, the surprising thing that this doesn't happen more regularly.

[ABC7 Chicago]

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