Who Hates TrumpCare More Than Democrats? Other Republicans, Of Course.

Image stoled gleefully from@HanaMichels

Now that the GOP's ACA "replacement" has slouched forth from Paul Ryan's office, it's already passed one important test: Donald Trump LOVES it! Yeah, sure, he said he wouldn't support any plan that didn't cover everybody, but surely you people don't really expect the man to tell the truth ever, do you? Besides, there are lots of different ways to define "everybody," and this plan will definitely cover everybody it covers, Mr. or Ms. SmartyPants!

Trump is already breaking his campaign promises right there, because when he originally said he would replace the Affordable Care Act, he was very specific that the new plan would be terrific, not wonderful. And those, along with "great" and "beautiful," are the only positive adjectives the man knows. SAD!

Mind you, the RyanCare/Trumpcare/WeDon'tCare plan released Monday only addresses parts of the ACA that can be passed through the filibuster-proof budget resolution process, so assuming the R's find 51 votes in the Senate to pass it and eliminate the ACA, they may or may not actually pass anything else at all, ever, because why would they go and do that? HHS Secretary Tom Price explained in a presser Tuesday that the whole thing is a "work in progress," a starting point for further work in Congress. Who knows what final form it'll take? Maybe single payer, maybe Death Panels for all. He also had this very reassuring answer to a question about whether people would lose coverage under TrumpCare:


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