Sometimes, it is amusing to guess whether it was Donald Trump who said a thing, or some other person or entity.

The Rwandan genocide was the systematic killing of the minority Tutsi ethnic group, along with political opponents of the Hutu majority, in 1994. Roughly 800,000 were killed over 100 days, an overall rate of extermination more rapid than the Holocaust or any other recorded genocide. Popular radio programs in Rwanda were indispensable to orchestrating the slaughter. Hutus listened daily to talk of lurid atrocities allegedly committed by Tutsis; they heard that Tutsis were evil, were vermin. These broadcasts softened the taboo against murder by portraying Tutsis as subhuman or demonic. The signal to begin the killing was given on these radio broadcasts.

Donald Trump is the president of the United States.

WHO SAID IT: Donald Trump or Rwandan Hate Radio?

1. “He would see the ten or so corpses of innocent people laying… in any case, nobody can justify it.”

2. “There is the case of [a man] who was brutally beaten and left to bleed to death in his home.”

3. “In early 1991, they killed citizens using knives.”

4. “They continue to kill citizens and hide their dead bodies, so people see much blood but no corpses.”

5. “The woman was attacked. Three women were attacked.”

6. “And these are the animals that we’ve been protecting for so long.”

7. “A great woman, according to everybody that knew her, was sexually assaulted and beaten to death with a hammer.”

8. “They are the enemies of the country, there is no question of negotiating with them.”

9. “People cannot invade our country instead of coming in peace. They steal our country, they destroy it.”

10. “Thank you to [the] great people that come in and grab the thugs and throw them the hell out. We are liberating our towns and we are liberating our cities.”

11. “They don’t want to use guns because it’s too fast and it’s not painful enough.”

12. “Those released include individuals convicted of killings, sexual assaults, and some of the most heinous crimes imaginable.”


Rwandan hate radio: 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9 - Trump: 2, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12

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