Who's Made Over 20,000 Donations To Planned Parenthood Since The Election? 'Mike Pence,' That's Who!

But you never know.

So here's a silver lining in a week when we could use some: Since last week's election, Planned Parenthood has received 160,000 donations. It probably helps that the organization rushed to reassure progressives the day afterward that they aren't going away, no matter what madness comes out of a Trump-Pence administration. And it probably didn't hurt that Elizabeth Warren made a point of going on the Rachel Maddow Show and encouraging people to volunteer instead of moping, specifically mentioning Planned Parenthood. But along with all the very much needed donations, there's also a subcurrent of Expert-Tier trolling going on: Over 20,000 donations in various amounts have been made to the group in the name of "Mike Pence," the anti-choice bonehead serving as Donald Trump's Impeachment Insurance.

Seeing as how Pence wants to ban all abortions forever and murder Planned Parenthood and, for that matter, divert AIDS money to gay conversion therapy, not to mention his complete ignorance of what condoms do, he seems like the perfect person in whose name you should troll-donate to Planned Parenthood. Not only because it sends a message to Planned Parenthood that you love them and appreciate them, but also because if you make a gift donation, it sends a message to Mike Pence, quite literally:

Planned Parenthood Federation of America Foundation president Cecille Richards issued a statement saying the group has seen an "unprecedented outpouring of support" since the election. It probably has been helped along by Donald Trump's suggestion on 60 Minutes that overturning Roe v. Wade wouldn't be a big deal, since if some states ban abortion, then things will still be fine for women who get knocked up, since they'll "perhaps have to go, they’ll have to go to another state.” On their private jet, probably.

The Indianapolis Star notes that trolling Pence has become an online tradition of sorts, since he signed a bill requiring funeral services for aborted fetuses and the remains of miscarriages and women began contacting the governor's office with updates on their menstrual cycles. We're even more in favor of this new strategy, since it not only pisses off Mike Pence, it does some good for Planned Parenthood. Your gift to Planned Parenthood can be made here; don't forget to update the certificate address after the douchenozzle has been sworn in.

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