Why Are We Boycotting Starbucks Today?

It's pretty frakking recursive.

Oh, golly, now Starbucks has really done it. They've gone way past hurting Jesus's feelings by leaving Christmas scenes off holiday cups, or offending the Founders by asking people not to bring guns into their stores. They've done the worst possible thing now: They're going to hire people, those burnt-coffee bastards! Specifically refugee people, who are the most dangerous people there are! Starbucks chairman and CEO Howard Schultz announced the chain would hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years, in the 75 countries in which it does business.

Not surprisingly, this was terribly offensive to Trump supporters, who promptly called for a boycott of the coffee chain they're already boycotting because of the Jesus-less coffee cups, the gun thing, and the company's very timid suggestion that Donald Trump is not a nice person. That'll show Starbucks, which has the gall to hire a bunch of filthy terrorists instead of veterans or The Inner-City People.

This is one of our all-time favorite rightwing tropes -- they only discover they give a damn about vets or homeless people when someone wants to help refugees, as if there were a cosmic law saying it was impossible to help more than one group of humans at a time. Now, of course, as it happens, Starbucks already has a commitment to hire 10,000 vets in its U.S. stores, what with Starbucks being the kind of place that does stuff by the ten-thousands. (Starbucks says it's hired something over 8,000 vets so far, and is not dropping the program in favor of refugees.) Great Actor Scott Baio asked why the hell Starbucks is ignoring vets and blacks in favor of potential terror-barristas, damn them:

The company replied more politely than he might have expected, referring to webpages on their veterans outreach and their new shop in Ferguson, Missouri, as well as their commitment to open stores in other minority communities:

Oh, but those damned liberals didn't fool Scott Baio, not one bit, because he happens to know they're total hypocrites, like all liberals are. Sure, Starbucks may help vets and minorities like he originally asked about, but WHY IS STARBUCKS KILLING BABIES?

Mr. Baio did not specify whether he uses motorized goalposts, or has to move them manually.

He also retweeted this dumb thing:

Mind you, these are the same folks who want to eliminate family planning to punish sluts, cut food stamps and housing programs so takers will stop mooching off the system, and will inevitably show up in Deleted Comments to tell everyone who voted for Hillary Clinton that the freeloading is over and it's time for homeless bums to get a goddamn job. Unless maybe someone thinks a refugee might deserve to be allowed in the country. And of course the Flying Monkey Brigade completely ignores the detail that Starbucks refugee hiring will be worldwide -- why aren't they offering jobs to Americans in Berlin, huh?

In conclusion, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz was almost certainly going to be named Secretary of Labor by Hillary Clinton, and aren't we terribly lucky to instead have this wife-beating putz who wants to eliminate the minimum wage and also eliminate workers by replacing them with robots?

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