Why Can't Donald Trump Just Pay These Little Girls The Money He Owes Them?

LOL you thought you were getting paid.

It's official! Donald Trump is getting his butt sued by a bunch of little girls. Well, sort of! Jeff Popick, the dadager of the USA Freedom Girls -- the creepy ass little kid band that performed at one of his events last year -- has filed a lawsuit against Trump for stiffing them.

As we previously reported, Trump's then-manager asked the girls to perform their song "Freedom's Call" "I've Written A Letter To Daddy (Trump)" at a Trump rally, and told them that although they couldn't pay them for their services, they would be allowed to set up a merch table. However, when they arrived, they were told there was no room at the inn/stadium and had to leave all their stuff in their car. All that stuff was then stolen, ostensibly by tone-deaf Trump fans.

Still, they made quite an impression on the interwebs and were soon asked to perform at another rally in Iowa! They could feel it! Stardom was on the horizon!

They were told that the campaign couldn't pay for their flights there or for the performance itself, but assured them they would be compensated in sweet, sweet exposure dollars. It was gonna be their big break! They figured if they made a big splash that night they might have a real shot at making it onto the Orpheum Circuit. THEY HAD A DREAM. THEY DREAMED IT FOR YOU, DONALD.

But it was not to be! When they arrived at the rally, they were told their services were not needed! They were then told they could, SIGH, have some seats at the rally so long as they agreed not to talk to the media -- which they say was difficult as they were seated right next to the media in their little sequin dresses. And sad, because the gag order prevented them from getting any of the sweet exposure bucks they'd been promised.

“This is what he had emphasized: the exposure from this rally in particular,” Popick said, referring to Corey Lewandowski. Popick said the girls had hoped to sing a variety of songs from their oeuvre at the rally in order to show that they were more than just the Trump campaign's hired Cherry Sisters, but ALAS.

Popick says that he and the girls are not being opportunistic, they just want what is owed to them, noting “We’re not suing for emotional distress and all that other stuff that people do when they trump up—no pun intended—when they trump up a lawsuit. That’s not what this is. This is tangible dollars I spent under false pretenses.”

The lawsuit against the campaign was filed in Sarasota, Florida, for about $15,000, to account for the merchandise, the lost opportunity to sell the merchandise, the overnight plane tickets, and the loss in exposure dollars.

According to Donald Trump, Donald Trump is worth $4.5 billion dollars. That is a lot of money! That is SO MUCH money! Granted, he's almost definitely lying about that, but he still probably has enough money to pay these kids off. Were he to have said, when these girls and their dadager said they didn't get compensated "Oh jeez, I feel awful about that! It's not my fault, but here, let me take care of it right away! Sorry little girls! Here's your money for your plane tickets and merchandise, and you can perform at another rally!" -- it would have been great PR for him! Frankly, appearing to do the decent thing would be better publicity than pretty much any commercial he could make or rally he could throw, and also a lot cheaper --  but he decided, instead, to stiff some 8-year-olds.

And even if Trump supporters are not bothered by the fact that Trump has a history of not paying people -- not paying these kids has resulted in bad publicity. Which shows that neither he, nor anyone on his campaign has particularly good judgment!

[The Daily Beast]

Robyn Pennacchia

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