Why Does MSNBC Think We Want To Watch Joe Walsh Being Racist (Again)?

We'd never sink so low as to use a mid-word screengrab that makes him look dumb...

Excuse us, please. Just a little question, if we may? Why the everloving fuck does MSNBC insist on ever having one-time-congressman, deadbeat dad, and ignorant racist shithead Joe Walsh on the cable teevee, ever? Besides the fact that he's available and likely to say incredibly stupid stuff? OK, that kind of answered itself, didn't it? Following Walsh's brave insistence that Jimmy Kimmel's womanly emotions would never persuade Joe Walsh to pay for any losers' stupid sick babies, MSNBC's Ali Velshi had Walsh on to let him dig that hole a little deeper:

A late night comedian gets all teary eyed and understandably so, and then he gets political and that moves our health care policy? And one more point, I got no doubt that what Jimmy Kimmel said the other night will move Republican votes probably tomorrow. I don't think that is healthy.

Deadbeat dad knows what's healthy for America, that's pretty rich. But then Walsh went on to explain the only thing thing that will lower healthcare costs is the free market, because it's the most wonderful thing ever. Velshi pointed out -- as he is awfully fond of -- that there is no country in the developed world with a free-market health system, and that the USA spends more money to cover fewer people than any industrialized nation. Ah, but Walsh knows why that is: None of the other industrialized nations have to deal with all the lazy shiftless nonwhite people America is stuck with. Not that he used those exact words, but you don't have to be a dog to hear this whistling:

You can't compare rest of the world to us! They do not have the big diverse populations that we have. They do not have the inner city populations that we have. I'll tell you what. People on Medicaid, I mean, Medicaid kills people because of the quality of the care. We can't afford Medicaid anymore!

Velshi kept coming back to the fact that every other industrial democracy somehow manages to cover all citizens, at a lower cost per patient, with better healthcare outcomes and life expectancy, and darned if Walsh didn't keep coming back to how that could never work here, because Europe and Canada don't have black people sucking up all the health care money:

You can't compare those countries to ours! They do not have our large, inner-city diverse populations. They don't! You can't compare Sweden, Norway, and Great Britain to us! Here's the other thing. They pay for it. You're not gonna do that in America! I don't want to pay 60, 70, 80 percent tax rate for a quality of care! And here's another thing, Ali, the quality of care in those countries is not the quality of care in this country!

Despite Velshi's stupid statistics showing that America doesn't actually have the best medical care in the world, Walsh also insisted that "people come here when they really need quality care," which simply isn't true outside the world of your crazy uncle's emails.

In any case, the real problem is all those inner-city browns, which the European countries don't have because they're homogeneous, at least until the Muslim refugees flood in like vermin, and so don't even mention single-payer, because it just doesn't work when you have brown people, it's a proven fact in Joe Walsh's head. Brown people are probably too busy rioting, killing each other over shoes, and destroying Judeo-Christian values to allow single payer to work.

So now that we know all that, the question remains: Why is MSNBC giving this moron a microphone? Is he only a convenient buffoon to feed the need for anger porn? A foil to bounce facts off, as Velshi does? Couldn't Velshi make the same point without Walsh spraying white supremacist spittle all over? Yecch. Go away, Joe Walsh. And MSNBC, STOP IT.

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