Why Does Obama Hate America's Most Patriotic Beverage?


  • America's hipsters will soon have a new ironic, chemically aged piss-beer to drink, but only if the bravest beer baron in America successfully sues the federal government for his first amendment right to plaster the American flag all over his fermented garbage. [NewsOK]
  • Uh oh, some Jihadists issued a fatwa against McDonald's. Where will K-Lo get her anal stuffing now? [IPT]
  • NBC has the audaciousness to award the Cordoba Victory Mosque prophet their coveted "Person Of The Year" award, on Twitter. [Atlas Shrugs]
  • The only reason a rich person would ever be a liberal is because they love to see the underclasses suffer, unlike rich conservatives, who only hate taxes because of their compassionate concern for the welfare of the poor. [The Hill]

  • Karl Marx's personal field of study, sociology, is secretly teaching our impressionable undergraduate students to treat circus freaks like actual human beings. [Townhall]


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