Why Is California Trying To Make It Easier For Prostitutes To Break Away From Their Rightful Owners?

Why Is California Trying To Make It Easier For Prostitutes To Break Away From Their Rightful Owners?

Dumb California hippies are at it again, trying to nationalize your muneez from your hardworking hands and use it for cosmetic surgery for lowlifes! First they took all the tax dollars in the world and gave it to (former) gang members, just so (former) gang members could their gang tattoos removed and get jerbs. And now they are trying to take your money to give to ho's to remove their pimps' names from their bodies from when they were child prostitutes! Have we no concern left for the pimps' inalienable right to the pursuit of property? CONSTITUTION!!1! Ron Paul! END TEH FED!

From the LA Times:

A man's name is scrawled across Krystal Lopez's neck in black lettering like that of a centuries-old manuscript.

It is a bitter souvenir for the 18-year-old Pasadena resident, who has worked hard to sever ties with the former pimp who inspired it and the lifestyle it represents. She has started laser treatments to have the tattoo removed at Los Angeles-based Homeboy Industries, a nonprofit supporting ex-gang members that provides the service for free.

Lopez doesn't fit the Homeboy profile, though. She has never been in a gang, and as a result, she and others like her are deep in the queue.

“There are girls I know who have three different people on them,” Lopez said. “There is a huge waiting list for [removal services]. The priority is always the gang members.”

But isn't the priority always the gang members?!

Anyway, some hippie Dem is starting legislation to help prostitutes get their pimps' brands removed from their flesh, and someone, somewhere, is doubtless pissed off about it. Our money's on "American Thinker."


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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