Why The Dems Finally Pulled This Car Over, So Help Them God

Yes, it's from the Intercept, and yes, it's some fascinating reporting on what finally flipped the Democrats to impeachment.

Patience also wore thin as the politics of passivity no longer seem to be benefiting even frontliners, as the demobilization of the Democratic base began to look like an existential electoral concern. And the arguments some frontliners [members repping districts that had flipped from Republican] were making on behalf of doing nothing had gotten increasingly strained. "It's not hard at all to demand impeachment," one argued to colleagues. "What actually takes courage is not demanding impeachment."

The same frontliners who had been the most vocal against pursuing impeachment had also generally been the ones most hostile publicly and internally toward the Squad. As more of the caucus began to see passivity rather than radicalism as the party's bigger problem, the caucus moved away from the idea that the Squad was going to be their death knell, and even some frontliners grew less patient with internal attacks on them. Rep. Angie Craig, a freshman frontliner from Minnesota, made the case privately to her frontline colleagues that if they have a problem with the Squad or anybody else, they should feel free to say so publicly back home, and use the contrast to set themselves apart. But, she argued at a private meeting just before the August recess, members should stop battling internally to have the Squad shut down. Each member, she argued, has a district to represent, and that's the case too with Ocasio Cortez, Omar, Tlaib and Pressley.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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