Our consumer affairs desk brings you the sad, sad story of Donald Cranfill -- a man with a name full of pathos, which is his mama's fault, and a wallet full of empty, which is his Mama Grizzly's fault. A truck driver, Cranfillbought a $600 ticket to see the actress Sarah Palin perform her funny one-woman show at a fund-raiser that was supposed to happen in Charlotte, N.C. in June. But you know Palin's habit of saying "hell no I won't" after she's agreed to perform -- so the fund-raiser never happened. And neither did the refund of Cranfill's $600, which was last seen in the cash register of the Spanx flagship store in Wasilla.

As his local NBC teevee station, WXII 12, reports, Cranfill sent his money to the Blue Ridge Educational Resource Group -- organizers of the Palinnanny -- back in March. He could have seen Palin and ex-FLOTUS Laura Bush for free at the "Complete Woman Expo," a side-event, but he a) doesn't regard himself as a complete woman, to be honest, and b) wanted the full Sarah Palin experience:

"I was very interested in what (Palin) had said in the past, and I wanted to see for myself what it was about, and I was willing to pay to do it and take my wife and enjoy an evening listening to what the lady had to say. But it's turned out to be a complete fraud as it's looking right now," Cranfill said.

When Cranfill tried to get his money back, the Blue Ridge Group's website was down, and then the phones weren't on anymore, and it was just a crazy mess. And all for nothing, because he's still waiting for justice.

Says Blue Ridge member Eric Jones:

"I understand why [Cranfill]'s angry. I do. I have all the understanding of that. I want him to know and everyone else to know that we are committed to giving the money back," Jones said. "(The sponsors) made promises to give substantial money toward this event to make it a reality, and one thing after another, we saw those promises being broken.

The Blue Ridge website blames the cancellation of their events on the economy. They have a nice mountain picture on their website, but nothing works on it.

Sarah Palin could step in and share $600 of her vast poverty-wealth with this poor truck driver guy. But she has a grifting image to maintain. What will she decide? SUSPENSE BEGINS NOW. [WXII]


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