Wingnut Birthers Prove Hillary Clinton's Even More Secret Gay Muslim Than Obama

Oh, this again some more? Sure, because it never gets old! Wingnut birther Jerome Corsi and other wingnut birther and conspiracy theory generalist-at-large Alex Jones were having themselves a little girl talk, on the interweb, as they do. They have worked together before, to expose THE TRUTH about how Obama was never even born, Hawaii made the whole thing up, there's video and everything. (Spoiler: Not really, but you knew that, right?) So, here they are, together again, talking about the usual:

CORSI: Obama has been Muslim Brotherhood from the beginning. And Hillary Clinton has Huma Abedin as her -- I'm convinced -- lover, and her top associate for years, and the two of them has been Muslim Brotherhood.

Yes, Dr. Jerome Corsi PhD, we are convinced now too, since you said that, and it was very convincing. Go on:

Hillary and Obama have been the greatest gun-runners in American history. And they are secretly, and have been secretly, going back to when Chris Stevens was first sent into Benghazi -- it's been Hillary and Obama running guns to the Al Qaeda-affiliated militia and into Syria, all in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Well, sure, when you put it that way. We already knew Obama is secretly gay from that time Jerome Corsi told us so, so you just gotta figure Hillary is a closeted clam-muncher too, right? And then when you consider how the Muslim Brotherhood has ALL THOSE GUNS, isn't it just obvious they musta got ’em from somewhere, probably from Obama and Hillary and their secret gay Muslim Al Qaeda affiliations. And then, when you toss Benghazi into it, because why not? Well. It's damn near impossible to argue with that, isn't it?

We'd say we'll miss these lovable off-their-meds goofs once Obama leaves office, but that would be a lie, and also, with Hillary and her lover and top associate taking over come January 2017, we figure they're not going anywhere.



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