Mike Lindell's Favorite Big-Lie-Believin', Alleged Cyber-Criming Colorado Clerk Kicks A Cop

Mike Lindell's Favorite Big-Lie-Believin', Alleged Cyber-Criming Colorado Clerk Kicks A Cop
Tina Peters hugs MyPillow guy at Fraudapalooza.

Some people are too stupid to do crimes. They get so involved in trying to steal an election that they lose track of time and wind up kicking a cop. Mike Lindell's buddy Tina Peters is allegedly one of those people.

Big Lie superfans will remember Peters, the erstwhile Mesa, Colorado, county clerk and recorder who played a starring role at The Pillow Puffer's Cyber Fraud Hootenanny last August. Donald Trump got 62 percent of the vote in Mesa County. Nevertheless, Peters is convinced that the election was HASHTAG RIGGED, and some sort of way the Gateway Pundit got its hands on video of Mesa County's Dominion voting machines and their passwords. And while Peters was in North Dakota narrating the video for the MAGA faithful, her office back home in Colorado was getting raided by the secretary of state.

Peters and her assistant Belinda Knisley were subsequently removed from office after Colorado District Court Judge Valerie Robison found that the pair had deactivated the security cameras and then allowed an unauthorized outside person to access the Dominion machines both before and during a scheduled update.

If we might quote ourselves here:

The week before the trusted build [i.e., in-person security update by Dominion officials], Knisley asked for the security cameras in the building to be deactivated, which is just a lilbit sus' as hell. Then Peters gave someone going by the name "Gerald Wood" electronic access to the building, which he appears to have used to take a forensic image of the Dominion machine's hard drive over the weekend. Subsequently, Peters brought "Gerald Wood" to the trusted build and said he was an administrative assistant who'd just moved over from the motor vehicle division, allowing him to observe the entire four-hour procedure. "Gerald Wood" then took another digital image of the Dominion hard drive, and then posted both versions online.

Clearly when Mike Lindell sends his public officials, he's not sending his best. And according to the Denver Post, these brain geniuses continued their alleged crime spree this week.

On Monday, Knisley, who is charged with felony burglary and misdemeanor cyber crime, had a hearing before Judge Matthew Barrett. When asked, Peters told the judge that she was not recording the hearing on her iPad. But two witnesses say that she was, which is how Grand Junction police officers wound up at Main Street Bagels on Tuesday morning with a warrant for the device.

Here's Peters flipping her shit when they tried to serve it.

In case you don't want to watch it, that's a video of a white lady who never dreamed the security state would be turned on her, screaming bloody murder and trying to kick a cop.

"Do not kick! You understand," the cop yelled.

Peters was not tased or beaten, nor did she get a rough ride down to central booking to cool off overnight before being processed. She was arrested and released at the scene. Because, again, white lady.

For the record, I am also a white lady. I listen to federal hearings by phone every week, and you know what I don't ever do? That's right, even in the privacy of my own home, I never record them. Because it's against the law, and totally unnecessary. Recording it where the judge can see you is about the dumbest thing you could do.

Well, it's not as dumb as kicking a cop — but it's pretty goddamn stupid.

[Denver Post]

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