Wingnut Convinces Self That Yr Wonkette Consorts With Demons, Muslims

Remember how Yr Wonkette went to Jim Hoft'sBig Rage-a-Palooza over the weekend, to demand that he #PAYUP the moneez what he owes us? And remember how this one guy, Eric, grabbed our clever "Nazi-Themed Sign" sign and tried to rip it up while yelling at us about the Holocaust? And we decided to put our sign away, because it was probably a little too meta for this crowd, and also we felt bad and decided we didn't need to be dicks? We explained the sign to Eric in our Calm Voice and after we put it away (and after he'd trooped off to yell at attendees with actual Nazi-themed signs), he said "Thank you." We thought we were all good! On the same "honesty in media and also in not actually carrying Nazi-themed signs" team! Neither of us believed Barack Obama was trying to put him in an oven! Which is what he told the people with the actual Nazi-themed signs!

Well it turns out that Eric was Eric Golub, the "comedian" who was on the bill for the Rage Thing, and he has written a blog thing about Yr Wonkette! We bet he will apologize for grabbing our clever sign and missing the point!

One of the women carried a sign with the word “NAZI” emblazoned on it. Wonkette’s goal was simple: get their sign on camera and hope people would associate conservatives with Nazis. Perhaps they’d even think that conservatives were holding signs suggesting that people be Nazis. This liberal astroturfing fooled nobody, and more than one attendee demanded that the offensive sign be removed.

Oh. We think maybe he missed the point again. Or maybe -- and we want to be careful here -- he lied like a big lying liar.

For a guy who claims to have been protesting for truth in media, Eric Golub sure does have a flexible relationship with facts. For instance, this:

The ladies of Wonkette had a different agenda: to do everything possible to demonize the event and its conservative attendees ...

Their main tactic was falsehood. Wonkette claimed that 75 people attended the rally. The actual attendance was between 125 and 150. Wonkette’s counter-protest consisted of three women and one man

Funny, we only ran 3 posts explaining precisely why we'd be there, plus a follow-up explaining why we'd been there. It was to make fun of Jim Hoft's stupid insistence that no teabaggers ever waved a sign with Nazi symbols on it -- when there were two teabaggers waving signs with Nazi symbols on them at that very event! (As for making Jim Hoft look stupid, he does a pretty good job of that all on his own.) We're also kind of impressed by the lie in this next bit:

If the Wonkettes reported anything hateful in the speeches, it’s based on hearsay: They left without hearing them. One speaker noted that like typical liberal protesters, the Wonkette ladies could not handle more than an hour of actual work.

Haw-haw, that is because we are too busy smoking our weed while collecting the welfare! Strange, though, that he read our article closely enough to disagree with the attendance estimate, but didn't actually see us reporting anything hateful in the speeches. Because we didn't.  But maybe we did, because we're such liars!

But worse, far worse, was what Yr Wonkette didn't protest at all:

The biggest criticism of the Wonkette astroturfers is what they deliberately ignored.

While the Rage Against the Media gathering was taking place, another rally was also taking place at the very same federal building.

Islamists were holding a demonstration in support of ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi ...

The Wonkette ladies had nothing to say to or about the Islamists. In Wonkette world, conservatives demanding honesty in our media represent a bigger threat than Islamists in Egypt beheading women and stoning them to death. Middle Eastern Islamists are conducting a real war on women, while Wonkettes and other liberals obsess over a mythical one they invented to demonize conservatives.

It is absolutely true that Yr Wonkette did not protest the march in support of the Muslim Brotherhood. For one thing, they don't owe us money. For another, they didn't show up until after we'd left and gone to lunch -- you may have noticed Eric complaining about how we left early, because we are so full of sloth? And of course, it's not the Muslim Brotherhood that's trying to close American clinics, reduce American access to contraception, and keep American women in their place. But mostly, they don't owe us $3150, and Jim Hoft still does.

While we were there, we did hear more than one of the Ragey people grandly gesticulating (really grandly; your comment compadre Steverino said the speech was only missing a balcony from which to give it) about how the Muslim Brotherhood is the greatest threat America and humanity have ever known...days after the Egyptian military slaughtered 700 of them. So there's that, too. But yes, we are guilty of not being paranoid about the same things you are paranoid about.

The Wonkettes are liberal bullies, attacking those who preach love while cowering far away from those preaching hate.

Oh, Eric. You poor thing, with all the love you preached while grabbing our sign and screaming in our faces, and also the lying. We are sorry that we bullied you.

[Eric Golub]

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