Wingnut Wants Homeless Veterans To Stop Being Low-Lifes Milking Sympathy, Be Upstanding Like Him

Wingnut Wants Homeless Veterans To Stop Being Low-Lifes Milking Sympathy, Be Upstanding Like Him

Happy Veterans Day / Armistice Day /Kurt Vonnegut's birthday! Perhaps you have the day off of your "work," and are using your free time to trawl your Wonkette. (Don't forget to trawl HappyNiceTimePeople while you're at it, now with fewer computer STD's!) Perhaps you never have "work" at all, because of how you are a loser vet who believed the LIEBERAL LIE that you could come home with PTSD and just stone cold put your hand out and be a grifter and not work hard like all the good vets do! Good vets like one Kurt Schlichter, who in the eternal quest for some juicy pageviews has sexplained that ... well let us let Kurt Schlichter do his own yakking.

Let’s be clear – being a veteran is not a “Get out of work free” card that excuses you from the basic responsibility of supporting yourself and your family. If I pass a bum with a sign reading “Homeless Vet,” I don’t feel an overpowering surge of solidarity. I feel disgusted that another low-life is trying to milk sympathy off a proud status that millions of us earned with our blood and sweat and years of our lives.

Oh, he seems nice. And also #caring. (And also maybe not so good at following his own thoughts logically from beginning to end, but what do you want the man to do? He's got a word count, and mouths to feed!)

Schlichter goes on to backpedal a bit -- sometimes vets can have broken brains, he says, but then never explains how they're supposed to be fine upstanding Townhall writers like him.

Again, let's let him do the talking:

Are there vets who need help? Of course, but those aren’t the ones you see playing the vet card to avoid work and fuel their addictions. Some legit ones have physical injuries. For others, the wounds are invisible and hard to understand, like traumatic brain injuries. We owe these warriors not only our support but our compassion as they struggle against an insidious enemy. They are eager to overcome their challenges and to build productive lives.

How does Schlichter know which vets need help and which ones are Palin-level griftmonsters? Oh, probably because he is a wizard.

We vets aren’t victims. We aren’t pawns to be used to justify giving handouts to couch-dwellers. We aren’t asking for anything except to be taken care of when injured – and we shouldn’t have to ask for that.

Well, okeydoke. And when the VA determines that all its PTSD sufferers had their PTSD before joining up, that is unfortunate, and we are sure none of those vets end up on the street, because the only people who end up on the street are prison liars, or something.

Then Schlichter nices up with some Chicken Soup for the Soul glurge about paying vets' restaurant tabs, because that will definitely take the place of mental health services in this country, oh that's right it won't. Mental health services are for pussies and weaklings and Europeans, but also, Kurt Schlichter is for mental health services, we guess, just as long nobody asks him for a buck.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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