In the rightwing world, there are a lot of things that are HI-larious and worthy of mockery. Encouraging kids to carve a coal plant in their pumpkins to really stick it to these tree-huggers at the Department of Energy? Funny! Calling a lady jet fighter "boobs on the ground"? Even funnier! Asking if Sandra Fluke is engaged to a man because something something slutty lesbian something? Classic comedy! Calling Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis "Abortion Barbie"? Highbrow humor. (Because she is a blonde lady, just like Barbie, and she cares about abortion rights. Get it? It's pretty sophisticated.) Suggesting Putin should be our new president since that pansy-ass tyrant Obama is such a pansy-ass tyrant? Hardy har har. Oh wait, they were serious about that one.

But joking about Mitt Romney? That is a real low blow, you rotten liberals, and it is unacceptable and unfunny and un-OK:

When one thinks about the media, the Weather Channel probably doesn’t come to mind as a primary source of liberal media bias. Strangely enough, on Monday the Weather Channel proved it can be just as bad as the liberals over on MSNBC.

And just what is the offensive biased bias perpetrated by the biased Weather Channel, which is biasedly biased? Not the appearance on Fox by Weather Channel co-founder John Coleman, who said global warming is a myth. That's just science he learned at the Weather Channel Academy. No one could dispute that. (Except for the 113 percent of climate scientists who would, but shut up, Fox reports, you decide, fair and balanced, some say, teach the controversy, yadda yadda, burp, yawn.)

You will want to hide the children, though, because of this inappropriate "joke":

Self-described "hurricane/storm specialist" Carl Parker talked about his Halloween costume with host Sam Champion and joked "I think I’m going to be Big Bird. Try to irritate Mitt Romney."

We'll give you a minute to recover from the horror.

Recovered? Good. Now, for those of you who don't get this "joke," which is NOT funny, Newsbusters -- the paragon of unbiased reporting and accuracy in journamalism -- reminds us that in 2012, the second time Mitt Romney ran for president and did not win (not to be confused with the first time in 2008 that he ran and did not win, or the third time he will maybe run in 2016 and still not win), among his many brilliant pitches to the American electorate, Romney promised to defund that bastion of taxpayer-funded liberal propaganda, Sesame Street. Romney's solution for balancing the budget was to cut PBS, which sucks up approximately 0.00000000001 percent of our budget and is therefore the first thing that President Romney would eliminate, right after Planned Parenthood and trees of a not-right height. We liberal scum all had a good hearty chuckle that Romney wanted to kill Big Bird, but it was NOT funny at the time, and it is NOT funny now.

Liberals claim they're the tolerant ones, but joking about one of the many dumb things Mitt Romney said in his failed attempt to become the first Robot-American president proves just how mean and unpolitically uncorrect liberals really are.

You want to be a comedian, Mr. Weather Channel Guy? Try joking about how a woman who got punched out cold in an elevator should learn to take the stairs. Now that's funny.



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