Wingnuts Freak Out Over Dancin' 'Borted Babbies (Again)

A whole bunch of rightwing anti-abortion people are losing their shit over a year-old, six-second video clip that they're absolutely certain shows sick disgusting abortion doctors playing with two dead babies they just violently murdered. Or maybe it's medical students joking around with realistic-looking replicas. Or possibly actual miscarried fetuses in a morgue or an anatomy lab. Or perhaps it's some people dressed like doctors and faking the whole thing to stir shit up. In any case, it's outrageous and proof that only monsters support the right to abortion, and whatever the provenance of the video, it's darn well time to ban abortion, so people will finally respect life. And also to find the people in the video so they can be executed.

Here's one of the many popular uploads of the thing, from Super-Christian Matt Walsh:

Father Frank Pavone Flag Emoji, who leads the group "Priests for Life," said this is obviously real, because he has investigated abortioners and doctors playing with dead babies is actually quite common, any fools knows that, because they are evil:

So what the hell are we looking at here? It is a short video that nobody can actually find a source for, so a lot of Internet Detectives have taken to confidently explaining exactly what we're looking at in these five seconds. The first place to proclaim it absolutely shows heartless doctors laughing and making poor aborted babies dance for their amusement was the very reliable LifeNews, last July. The article, by convicted would-be clinic bomber (the bomb failed to go off) Cheryl Sullenger, explained the video "first appeared about two weeks ago on a Venezuelan Facebook account titled 'Vídeos Mundo Curioso,' which posts videos of an unusual nature." The link, not surprisingly, is as dead as whatever the people in white coats are bouncing around, although the Video Mundo Curioso Facebook page is still up. And LifeNews has earned itself a whole bunch of entries at, which regularly debunks the outfit's exaggerations and distortions.

No details have surfaced on whence the video came, but that's no reason to think it's not exactly what the anti-abortion folks say it is. We're especially impressed by the logic in this discussion at RedState:

It should be noted that at this time, there are claims going around that the video is fake, and after some searching, I haven't found any proof that it's not real, and you can even notice a gash on the back of one of the baby's necks where the abortion procedure would have been performed.

As far as I'm concerned, this is a legitimate video. If it is fake, then someone went through an awful lot of trouble to make it as detailed as possible.

Got that? Nobody has proven it's fake, and a quick search has turned up no facts at all about where it came from, so yeah, it has to be legitimate. That is how logic works, after all.

Mind you, a lot of people replying to the rightwing tweets are stating these are absolutely definitely anatomical dolls being played with by medical students, although there's no evidence proving that claim either. Frankly, Yr Wonkette finds that a far more likely read, but then, we would, wouldn't we? At the very least, skepticism of a video that nobody has taken any credit for seems merited, unless you're inclined to believe this is what 'bortion docs do for kicks when they're not ripping fetuses apart like wishbones, and maybe wagering on who gets the bigger chunk.

The Daily Dot asked Dr. Jennifer Gunter, an OB-GYN who takes on all sorts of weird abortion myths on Twitter, what she made of the video, and while she didn't pretend to know exactly what the video shows, she was decidedly skeptical about the rightwing interpretation.

She told the Daily Dot that she had only seen the clip on her phone and that it's difficult to say for sure what the people in the video are handling. Still, she said it's unlikely the video shows medical professionals handling a fetus after an abortion.

"I can't tell if they are old specimens, dolls, bodies on the morgue," Gunter said. "I don't think people would be dressed like that and handling dolls. We also don't know if they are fetuses, premature neonates who died, or if they are nonhuman primates! However, nothing about the video says to me this was immediately after an abortion."

Like, there is literally no blood, and the setting looks a lot more like a lab or classroom than a medical office.

As for that "wound" -- it's where the abortioners suck the brains out after a partial birth abortion! -- our own expert forensic analysis follows: It looks like a ridiculously large tear, not a surgical incision, and it could just as well be a rip in a rubber doll that's near the end of its useful classroom life. As if anyone can tell anything with the terrible video quality in a clip no one knows anything about.

Still, this is a very excellent addition to the Culture Wars, and we're especially proud of the contribution by Fr. Frank Pavone, who knows how to treat a dead fetus respectfully. You don't bounce it around like a puppet and laugh, that's for sure. No, what you're supposed to do with a dead fetus is display it on a church altar in an election-day video to remind people to go vote for Donald Trump. That is so obvious, duh.

Still, congratulations to Fr. Pavone. While he certainly didn't make up the video (and if he did an "investigation," we sure didn't find it), it's already been a far more successful viral tweet than one of Priests For Life's previous efforts, the Racist Pervert Sex Dragon of Doom.

[RedState / LifeNews / Daily Dot / National Catholic Register]

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