Wingnuts Mad Kamala Harris Explaining Russia And Ukraine In Terms Even They Can Understand

There's a deceptively edited clip going around the internet. Yeah, don't faint.

It appears Republicans are sharing a tweet from some blue-check MAGA unfuckable — his bio says "God is real and dudes rock" — who is just shocked and appalled by the childlike simplicity of Vice President Kamala Harris's explanation of what Russia is doing to Ukraine right now. Lying mouthbreathing wingnuts are sharing it like Harris is the one who said something embarrassing, because it's SO simple. "Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia." Harris explains that big countries invading smaller countries is wrong.

And look, honestly? Tucker Carlson apparently needs to hear this explanation, because until he had a whiplash-inducing and very believable come-to-Jesus on the subject the other day, he was unclear why Putin is bad. But again, the thing the MAGA unfuckable tweeted, which is being retweeted by such brain wizards as Kayleigh McEnany, Ben Shapiro, Mollie Hemingway, and Meghan LOL McCain, is very deceptively edited.

The tweet below provides both versions.

Nikki McCann Ramirez at Media Matters explains that Harris was on a podcast called "The Morning Hustle," and the host asked her to explain in layman's terms what was happening. In Harris's full answer, she managed to still cover a lot of ground:

Harris said Russia’s unilateral, unprovoked invasion of Ukraine constituted a violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty, and she explained some of the common terminology listeners might hear in coverage of the conflict. Harris also explained that sanctions were being put in place by the American government in an effort to levy consequences on Russia for the decision to invade an independent nation.

That's a bit more detailed, but it was still simple, in exactly the terms Harris was asked to use to explain it.

But instead, right-wingers are sharing the edited clip. We guess it's rare Harris speaks on their level, or in the case of the Kremlin-style edit of the clip, maybe juuuuuust below their level, so they feel like they've got a place to make some zingers.

Here's Kellyanne Conway, being that paragon of integrity she's always been:

Here's Clay Travis complaining that Harris was speaking for people who "have an IQ of 14," which is weird because isn't he the host of the show where the former traitor-in-chief was just talking about what a "genius" Vladimir Putin was for invading Ukraine? Doesn't this prove why maybe the Kremlin cut is needed?

Here's Meghan McCain, oh my God you guys, oh my God, this clip makes her sick to her stomach, oh my God you guys, oh my God, this is giving her so much anxiety, you guys, this clip she found on the internet and didn't verify, oh my God you guys:

Media Matters has a million more, and not one of them has an insight that's worth reprinting here. And surprise, even though this has all been debunked, we haven't seen a damn one of them delete their tweets about it.

Ted Cruz? Meghan McCain's garbage husband? Ben Shapiro? Rupert Murdoch's New York Post?

We're sure they'll all start deleting them once they realize what fucking morons they've been. Any old time now.

[Media Matters]

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