With 45 Million Americans On Food Stamps, GOP Will Cut Food Stamps

The number of Americans relying on federal help to get food has been climbing for years now, with 45 million people and 21 million households currently dependent on the program. It's not just the unemployed relying on the vouchers -- seniors, veterans, school children and the disabled are among the groups hit hardest in this Great Recession. And the Republicans in Congress have a great idea that will save moneyand take care of the hunger problem: Cut America's “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program” completely so that the hungry people will all die. Win win!

ABC News reports:

The Republicans’ 2012 budget plan proposes changing SNAP from an entitlement to a block-grant program that would be tailored for each individual state, much like their proposal for Medicaid. States would no longer receive open-ended subsidies and the aid would be contingent on work or job training. It would also limit funding for the program.

It's time that disabled veterans and near-death seniors and dumb impoverished schoolchildren stop living the high life and start appreciating that freedom isn't free. Also, the state with the highest percentage of people on food relief -- New Mexico -- plans to immediately stop providing food assistance to seniors and the disabled. Somebody has to put an end to these luxuries. [ABC/New Mexico Independent]


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