With Friends Like This Weirdo, Open Carry Doesn't Need Enemies

Meet Rob Kinnison, your new face of open carry!

For the uninitiated, "open carry" is the practice of walking around in public with a loaded gun strapped to you just because you can, and you don't care that people might be scared because you think those people are ignorant and need to be exposed to guns whether they like it or not, even if they may have PTSD from something awful that happened to them in the past, and seeing you with your gun in the grocery store makes them feel like they're going to pass out and die, and the stress you're causing them is literally damaging them physically, but you don't give two shits about that; in fact you don't even really think about it because you are deficient in empathy, common sense, and manners.

Anyway, meet Rob Kinnison, your new face of open carry!

Rob Kinnison is probably not the kind of spokesperson open carry advocates would select for themselves, but that's not how it works anymore. How it works now is you just yell really loud and threaten people on the internet. That's what Rob Kinnison did when he learned that the group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is pushing Kroger grocery stores to revise their policy of letting people like Rob Kinnison go shopping with locked and loaded assault rifles on their persons.

But really, isn't it about time you met Rob Kinnison, your new most despicable person of the hour, who legally owns several guns and loves to walk around with them in grocery stores such as Kroger because there's something or some things wrong with him? Ladies and gentlemen, here he is... some weird maniac named Rob Kinnison (for your protection, please turn down your speakers):

What a great advocate for open carry! You might try to argue with his airtight logic but whoops! There's a dick in your mouth! How'd that dick get there? Rob Kinnison put it there, with his amazing powers of persuasion.

Seriously though, wow and what the fuck! Dude is like Skoalrebel's crazy cousin who kinda scares Skoalrebel. And us too!

But he doesn't scare us enough to keep us from laughing at him. For those who would like to continue laughing at him, Liberaland has gleaned some gory details about his life from social media, such as that he is "lonely" and goes roller skating a lot. And that he's a huge fucking racist too, of course.

Truly, the Moms could not ask for a better foil.  Here's hoping Rob Kinnison keeps on advocatin' his little heart out for open carry at Kroger!


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