WND: Blacks Lazy, Shiftless, 'Should Be More Like Jews'


The proper response to the WND story"Blacks Should Be More Like Jews," by Aliza Davidovit, is "uhhhhh." It starts with a roll call of successful people of Jewishness, and then explains that they did it by getting up earlier and working harder than everyone else, not by being on food stamps and welfare like some people.

But it's not just welfare queens and young bucks who have ruined a perfectly good black experience in this country, like we used to have in the 1950s: it's also teachers unions and Barack Obama, who decimated the black middle class by axing all those government jobs! Oh, Davidovit didn't note that part? Weird!

But really what drives Davidovit crazy is that 84 percent of African Americans say they're going to vote for Obama again -- and we don't know about you, but 84 percent strikes us as preposterously low. Like, we would go with the headline that one in seven black people doesn't plan to vote for Barack Obama, not wailing in despair that black people are racist for voting for the first black president.

The black middle class has been decimated under the economy of his presidency, yet 84 percent of the black community says they will still vote for the president. In my estimation this is a monochromatic view that blinds itself to Obama’s betrayal of his own people. His skipping the NAACP convention further shows he is counting on the black community’s blind and dumb devotion. The community must stop living vicariously; his success is not their success – unless, of course, I missed the news bulletin that he has taken them jet-setting on Air Force One, golfing and on vacation to Martha’s Vineyard. While he is putting the holes, they are living on doles. The historic moment of his presidency has passed. What has he done for you lately?

Aliza Davidovit is just a really good writer, you guys. There is almost some Jesse Jackson-style rhyming call and response! Sing it, sister! Oh, by the way, you know who else is overwhelmingly voting for Barack Obama?


Your move, NRO. [WND]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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