WND Had A Most Cunning Plan To Stop Obama With Constitution, Except For One Tiny Detail: The Constitution

WND Had A Most Cunning Plan To Stop Obama With Constitution, Except For One Tiny Detail: The Constitution

Judson Phillips, founder of Tea Party Nation and a guy who just loves the Constitution of the United States so much that he wakes up every morning with patriojizz all over his 2nd-amendment footie pajamas,published a brilliant plan the other day that had the potential to actually save America from the tragedy of national suicide represented by the reelection of gay black crack addict Barack Hussein Obama. And the best part about it? The plan invoked a Top Secret Loophole in the Constitution itself to save the Constitution! How neat is that? And it would have worked, too, if it weren't for that darn Constitution.

Still, you have to admit he is one earnest little teabagger:

We have one last, final chance to save America. We have one last, final chance to stop Barack Obama. One final chance.

So if you believe in the Constitution Fairy, clap your hands!!!

Actually, here is the real plan: First, Phillips reminds us that although we've all voted, what really counts is the Electoral College, that 18th-century relic that Donald Trump thinks is phony and lame. So if we can just keep the Electoral College from assembling in December, we can stop Socialist Christmas from coming!

Here's how it will go down. See if you can spot the teensy problem in Judson Phillips's analysis. (Also, sorry for the longish blockquote, but since WND has pulled the story from its main page and even its on-site search, we aren't sure how long even the direct link will remain):

The 12th Amendment of the Constitution as well as Article II of the Constitution govern the Electoral College.

According to the 12th Amendment, for the Electoral College to be able to select the president, it must have a quorum of two-thirds of the states voting. If enough states refuse to participate, the Electoral College will not have a quorum. If the Electoral College does not have a quorum or otherwise cannot vote or decide, then the responsibility for selecting the president and vice president devolves to the Congress.

The House of Representatives selects the president and the Senate selects the vice president.

Since the Republicans hold a majority in the House, presumably they would vote for Mitt Romney, and the Democrats in the Senate would vote for Joe Biden for vice president.

Can this work?

Sure it can....

Mitt Romney carried 24 states. We need to have conservative activists from all over the nation contact the electors, the Republican Party and the secretary of state in all of these states and tell them not to participate in the Electoral College when it meets on Dec. 17.

If we can get 17 of those states (just over one-third) to refuse to participate, the Electoral College will have no quorum. Then, as the Constitution directs, the election goes to the House of Representatives.

It's so crazy it just might work! Phillips closes by calling on everyone everywhere to spread this idea and to "contact the electors, party officials and secretaries of state from every red state and insist that they refuse to participate in the Electoral College." We can only imagine how much fun those officials have been having taking calls from people telling them to boycott the Electoral College so it won't have a quorum and then the House can Save America!

Phillips's call to action ran on November 19. It now carries this note at the top, which explains why WND has semi-disappeared the piece:

Editor’s note, Nov. 20, 2012:

Since this column was posted it has been discovered that the premise presented about the Electoral College and the Constitution is in error. According to the 12th Amendment, a two-thirds quorum is required in the House of Representatives, not the Electoral College.

In other words, the Constitution does not actually contain a means for losers to just throw out the results of an election they didn't like. Not even to Save America.

Perhaps if they built a large wooden badger...


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